T Plus Drinks*

Winter normally comes hand in hand with numerous coughs and colds. My mum always takes her body weight in vitamin C and swears by it. Me on the other hand, I am not great at taking vitamins.. After my third cold in as many months, I was getting a little fed up! By some brilliant coincidence, the wonderful people at T Plus Drinks got in touch, I was too excited!! I had heard of them and I was desperate to get my hands on some of their tea, so this was one review I was so excited to do!

For those unfamiliar with T Plus Drinks, they blend powerful herbs, green tea, natural fruit flavours and 50% of your RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins (including B6, B12, C and Folic Acid) in every clever tea bag.  Their branding and packaging is punchy and appealing, too!

That means, I can drink tea and get my vitamins, all in one go! AMAZING! Now you are probably thinking – how can someone make a tea like that and make it taste good? Well, these guys have figured it out. This tea is insanely good!

First up, I tried the Immunitea. This I found was best brewed for about a minute. The smell this one gives off is brilliant and the taste is powerful. I would say that my vitamin intake is lacking at the moment – but this really helps. I actually found myself feeling more alert and energised after drinking this tea every morning for a week.

Next up, was the Multea. I am already addicted to a peach green tea, but this one tops it. The taste is incredible! This is my after lunch go to drink. The taste is delicate but full of flavour. I really enjoyed this most after it was brewed for about 30-45 seconds.

T Plus Drinks have recently featured on Dragons Den and those that have seen the show before, it is not for the faint hearted! I’m incredibly proud to work with and support a brand that is run by someone who holds themselves so well – even under insane pressure! Exciting times ahead, guys!

Overall, this is a tea that you have got to try. I would definitely continue to buy and drink this tea, not only because I love tea, but because I love the brand. Each sale they make on their tea, they give 10p to Vitamin Angels who are working to reduce malnutrition in children. This is a charity we can all back with a smile.

Valentines! MAM Soother Giveaway!!*

Last Valentines day, was a good one for me. I was a new mum, I had this new found love for my husband after he cared for us exclusively for the first few weeks of Luke’s life.

I went back through the years, and dug up my last post about Valentines Day (you can find it here). Pizza and beer has been mine and Greg’s tradition since day dot. This will be our 7th Valentines together (wow..) and I can’t see the tradition breaking now!

Well.. Apart from now we both won’t be drinking nearly as much as we will be looking after Luke.. And I am sure we will share the pizza with him, too!

Valentines is definitely the season of giving.. And as you all know, myself and Luke are a little obsessed with MAM UK products.. SO, I have teamed up with MAM UK to do another soother giveaway! We are giving away an exclusive MAM Style Soother with Valentines in mind!

All you have to do is head over to my Instagram page (here) for how to win!


In the mean time, check out the gorgeous Valentine inspired Style Soothers on their website and receive 20% off with the code “LOVE20”!

Check out their website here.

The fine print: The giveaway is for UK residents only and will be drawn at random on the 16th February 2018.

Travelling to Cyprus.. With a Baby!

In April 2017, we travelled to Cyprus to visit family and have a little holiday.

When I was pregnant, my husband and I decided we wouldn’t take Luke abroad for the first year of his life because it would be too difficult and stressful.

When my cousin contacted me to say she was having her son Christened in Cyprus and would love for us to come, I made an exception! We were incredibly anxious, but I really wanted to see my family. We love Cyprus and I really want it to be a huge part of Luke’s life!

I am half Greek Cypriot, making Luke a quarter. I only went to Cyprus for the first time at 18 years old with my family and since then, we try to go as often as possible. I have family that still live over there and it is lovely to be able to see them and I would love for Luke to learn about where his family were from, and if he picks up some Greek, then bonus!

So, we decided to travel with a 15 week old baby.. How were we going to do this?! Planning, that’s how!

First of all, we decided to stay at a hotel local to the airport the night before the flight. This way, we only had 10 minutes to get from A to B. It was so much better than worrying about parking a car!

Luke was able to play and we were able to relax and get ready without worrying about time.

Next – the plane. Originally, we were going to have Luke seated on one of our laps. It is a four/five hour flight and we were nervous that he wouldn’t want to be held for so long. Although he was little, he was so independent already! We decided to get him a seat, and we took his car seat on the plane. This way, we didn’t have to worry that the car seat could be damaged in transit, and Luke had somewhere to sleep.

He loved it. We were so nervous about his ears popping for takeoff and landing, but making sure we had a bottle and dummy at the ready solved that problem.

He didn’t make a sound! Apart from happy ones. We were so proud. The flight attendants loved him and he loved them.

The next predicament? Sleeping arrangements. When I was pregnant, I bought a Koo-Di pop up travel cot. The intention was to use this when we were at other peoples houses because it is so compact, we could fit it in the footwell of our pushchair.

We brought it along, and it was perfect. We took it everywhere with us – it was like having a moses basket wherever we went. It was brilliant!

The best part? It has a fly proof zip up screen that went all around him. It meant he could sleep outside and he was protected from the sun and bugs.

You can buy it here:
Hats were an essential – even though he pulled them off. Sun cream just doesn’t rub into a baby’s head very well unless they are completely bald!
Taking lots of sun cream obviously goes without saying. And my top tip? Do a patch test on your baby before you go! The worst thing that could happen is you buy all this expensive cream, or you buy a cream abroad and you find out your child as an allergy to it! Luckily, we tested Luke’s skin first and he got on well with the sun cream we bought. My brand of choice is Boot’s Soltan or Nivea.

I personally liked the ones that tie under the chin.
For my cousins christening, we got him a little suit. HOW CUTE does he look?! We decided on the waist coat as it wouldn’t be too warm.

We took a little play mat for Luke – this one was fab. It is perfect for tummy time and came with a little cushion to help.
It was padded, so was perfect for the hard floors. It wrapped up so small, we could actually fit it in his changing bag!

Luke loved the beach – he scrunched his toes in the sand. We took this on the day he turned 4 months old. What a little cutie!!!

As I had stopped breastfeeding by this point, we were really worried about bottles and soothers, and how we were going to sterilise them. I have posted before about my love for them – but we hugely relied on MAM for this!!
As soon as we decided to go, a microwave was the only essential where we were staying. You can sterilise MAM bottles and Soothers in the microwave with no steriliser! PERFECT! You can even sterilise the soothers in the cases they come in, or you can place one in a bottle when you’re sterilising it. They are fab and they always have the most adorable designs.
I took our own formula too. In Cyprus, they did sell the same brand that Luke has, but it was slightly different, so we brought our own.
Learning to make formula whilst out and about was a challenge as we couldn’t take too many ready made bottles due to the weight! I am aware that the advice changes from country to country on how to make a bottle of formula, but it absolutely blew my mind.
At home, I use a Tommee Tippee Prep Machine and I absolutely swear by it. When we leave the house, I always used the ready prepared UHT formula. The current guidelines are that you make formula with boiled water to sterilise the formula itself. I was freaking out about how to do this out and about! Basically without going into it too much further, it involved cooled pre-boiled water and a flask of boiling water over 70 degrees C to sterilise the powder.
One thing we did find was the nappies and wipes in Cyprus were very, very expensive in comparison to the UK. We took a large pack with us with the intention of buying more out there, but we didn’t actually need to in the end. Phew.
On reflection, the one thing we didn’t bring that I was worried about needing was a baby carrier. I wish we had brought one for the airport. Taking him through security would have been so much easier with a carrier! It was way too hot in Cyprus to use it there though.
The baby carrier I had at home would have been perfect. When it is not in use, it folds away into a bum bag! I should have brought it with me! I keep it in the boot of my car normally, so I have no idea why I didn’t take it.
Overall, we had a brilliant and relatively stress free trip! I cannot wait to do the next one, but now Luke is a walking whirlwind, I am a little nervous for different reasons..!
My Essentials Checklist for Luke
We brought dribble bibs and enough for one per day. Luckily for us, Luke wasn’t too dribbly at the time!
We brought enough for three changes of clothes per day – this was too many. Bring enough for two changes per day, and an extra set for the change bag.
Bottles and Soothers
At the time, Luke was having between 5-7 bottles per day, so we took 8 in total. We took 6 soothers – baby’s manage to lose these a lot!
Muslin Swaddle Blankets and a Baby Sleeping Bag
The muslin swaddles were a brilliant blanket for the hot evenings. The sleep bag was a life saver for the air conditioned evenings!
Hats x2
Formula and Flask
We took a full tub of powder and 12 small bottles of ready made. I also took the flask to prepare the formula out and about.
Nappies, Wipes and Cream
One large pack of 60ish nappies worked out to be the perfect amount. Two packs of wipes was more than enough. We saved up some samples of Sudocrem and took them.
Toys and Mat
We took toys that were easy to clean and pack. We ended up buying a few out there, too.
Travel Cot
The Koo-Di fit perfectly in our luggage and didn’t weigh anything.
Baby Wash, Towel and Sponge
I took the biggest hooded towel we had, a sponge I didn’t mind leaving there and a travel size baby wash and shampoo. Childs farm do a brilliant 2 in 1.
Car Seat
Even if we didn’t get a seat for Luke on the plane, we would have taken our own car seat. Lots of people I know have got to the other side and the only car seat available for hire is forward facing, no matter what age your child is. Not worth the risk, in my opinion!
We took our travel system bracket that fit our car seat into it. On reflection, I wish we brought our stroller so Luke wasn’t so cooped up in his car seat all the time.
Video Monitor
I know – random one! Our room was a the very top of the villa and we wouldn’t hear Luke if he stirred. I picked up a cheap video monitor from Amazon for about £25 and it worked a treat!
Have you taken your little one abroad? What were your essentials??
Small print: I have included affiliate links to these products on Amazon. I love these products and want to make them available to you all!

Baby Breakfast Bars

Here is another brilliant recipe that I have come up with for Luke.
Baby breakfast bars can be extortionate! These were really easy and cheap to do, and last 3 days in a sealed tub.


1 cup of Oats
2 Carrots
1 Banana
1 Apple
1 Box of Raisins
1 Carton/200ml of fruit juice (my favourite is Cawston Press!)
1 tsp Cinnamon

1. Pre-heat the oven to 220°c/425°f/Gas Mark 7
2. Grate the apple and carrots, then mix all of the ingredients together.
It doesn’t have to be thorough! But make sure the oats are covered.

3. Line a baking tray with grease proof paper and press the mix into it.

I used the pegs to keep the paper in place – if you do this, make sure you take them off before baking!!
4. Bake for about 20 minutes or so. They should still be soft, but starting to firm up.

Bon appetit! Luke adores these, and I hope your little one will, too!

MAM Baby Diary

Baby apps. Finding one that you get on with is really important. When I was pregnant, there were so many! But none that really did anything for me. When Luke was born, a lot of those apps became redundant and I went on the search for one that would meet my needs. Then I found the MAM Baby Diary! This app has managed to help me every step of the way with Luke. Whether it is advice or the diary function, this app is a must have.

There is a section of the app for advice through pregnancy, and each stage of your baby’s development. I downloaded this app towards the end of my pregnancy, and I fell in love straight away!

The MAM Baby Diary is fantastic. The diary function of the app allows you to log any milestones. Such as walking, crawling, etc. This was incredibly handy as my memory is not what it used to be (baby brain, anyone?!)! I don’t know about you, but I have people ask “how old was Luke when he did (insert milestone here)?” and I pause.. then I refer to my MAM Baby Diary. Phew.

When Luke was younger, I used it to track his feeds. As I was combination feeding, I used it to track both breast and bottle, and it worked so well. With the breast feeding tracker, you can track which breast and for how long. I would normally add in the comments if I thought it was just a comfort feed, rather than a proper feed.

You can track nappy changes, too. I generally have only use this when Luke has been unwell, and it has given me great peace of mind! Recently (and over his birthday, poor thing!) Luke had a tummy bug. He was having lots of nappies, but not many wet ones at all. This gave us a chance to monitor him.

There have been two occasions where I have forgotten Luke’s red book when we have gone to get him weighed. This app might as well be his red book, to be honest! You can log all measurements on the app. I have a lot of mum friends with babies the same age, and it is really handy to have the measurements to hand when we are comparing our little ones.

You can track anything, just see above! The own recording is super – I have been tracking his vaccines there.

You can even add more than one child!

I personally have tried many other apps with similar features, but none like this one. This app is by far my favourite and I would recommend it to any pregnant person, or those with a little one. Try it out!

Download the app here.

MAM asked me to review this app, but I did however already have this app and use it. All opinions are my own.

Birth Story..! Essay Ahead..

As it has been over a year, I think it is finally time to post my birth story!

Birth… Different for everyone! For me, it was definitely not what I imagined at all – but I did get an amazing baby at the end of it, so I can live with it!

When my midwife asked me to complete a birth plan, I politely declined. What is the point in a birth plan when there is no guarantee it will go to plan? If I had a plan that I couldn’t fulfil, I would be left disappointed and upset, so I didn’t bother. I planned to take any drugs I felt I needed and go with the flow. The one thing I felt fairly passionate about was that I did not want a cesarean as I am terrified of needles and the thought of an operation whilst awake made me feel sick. I obviously did accept the fact that sometimes, these need to happen and obviously, I would never object to anything that would keep myself and my baby alive!

37 weeks! I was hoping this would be my last pregnant picture..
From 37 weeks pregnant, I was ready! My hospital bag was packed, the baby’s bag was packed and my husbands bag was (almost) packed. I felt ridiculous having so much stuff (little did I know, it wouldn’t be anywhere near enough!), but I felt prepared! I packed and re-packed each bag about 30 times, just to make sure I had enough of everything. My due date was the 12th December and my last day at work was the 2nd December (I know, on reflection, I was mad cutting it so fine!) and I was soooo ready to have this baby. I was huge and my hips were agony. Although I had the dream pregnancy (no sickness, yay!), I was well and truly over it and wanted to meet my baby!
I started trying every trick in the book to bring on labour.. Nothing worked!

At 40 weeks, my midwife gave me a stretch and sweep (not the most pleasant thing in the world..) and it didn’t get me anywhere. Not even a twinge!

40 weeks..

At 41 weeks, another midwife gave me another sweep. Nothing. She booked me for induction on Christmas Eve. From the moment I had that induction date, I just knew that I wouldn’t go into labour naturally. I felt a little disappointed, but I was so desperate to meet my baby!

On the 23rd December, we tidied the house, I packed and re-packed my bags (just to make sure!), got the baby’s co-sleeper set up, we ate and we tried to get a lot of rest, ready for our 9am start the next day. We decided to not open our Christmas presents until we got back from the hospital. That way, we could have Christmas as a family of three! Little did I know that we would be opening them closer to New Year than Christmas!

We got to the hospital nice and early on Christmas Eve, so that we could grab a coffee and be as relaxed as possible. At 9am, we went onto the ward and were greeted by a lovely midwife. She had even folded my towel into a heart!

She hooked me up to some machines to check me and the baby, and then examined me. 2cm – not enough to break my waters, so she inserted a gel to soften things up. She would then leave us for 6 hours and check me again. We walked, watched Absolutely Fabulous, got more coffee.. Nothing. About an hour before she came back, another midwife hooked me up to the same machine as before to see if I was having contractions and to monitor the baby’s heart rate. Still nothing. I did however start to feel something. It was dull and came and went, but no pain. Not how I imagined contractions at all, so I dismissed it.

When the 6 hours was up, my midwife was on her break, so a different midwife came in to examine me. She was heavy handed and not as nice! She said I hadn’t progressed any further and needed another gel. That meant another 6 hours!! I was less than amused, Greg was definitely less than amused, too! She said she could do it, or I could wait for my original midwife. I asked to wait. A doctor came in and looked at the machine and agreed that I needed it. I did mention that I was having some pains and she didn’t acknowledge it at all as it wasn’t showing on the machine.

My lovely original midwife came back, with the gel. She was very apologetic about having to do the second gel. I said how disappointed I was as I had started having tightenings and I thought this was it! She was very concerned that I was having tightenings and that the doctor wanted to give me a second gel, as the gel can cause you to over contract. She held her hand on my tummy and agreed that I was in fact having contractions but the machine wasn’t picking them up! YAY! She examined me again and agreed that she could probably break my waters. She agreed to send me up to the delivery suit and get this show on the road!!

Another midwife came and met us and showed us to our room. From there, things got heavy, quick! She tried to break my waters but didn’t have much luck because the baby was so low. She left the room to get me some water and when she came back, I was lugging the gas and air as my contractions had gone into turbo and I was in agony. By now, it was 6pm on Christmas Eve.

By 10pm, they agreed that I could get in the pool and relax – my contractions were giving me no break at all, so I wanted to try anything. I really didn’t want the pethidine (mainly because no matter what pain I was in, I was still a little too scared of the needle!).

I got in the pool for about half an hour and although it did really calm me down, I was still in agony and would not let go of the gas and air. The midwife at this point suggested I get out of the pool, and had an epidural. I was in so much pain, I agreed extremely willingly. I was about 4cm dilated at this point.

They attempted to put IV’s in for a hormone drip but they kept missing. I was not impressed but still in agony. They eventually got it in but it kept popping out. It was horrid! We waited for the anaesthetist and he didn’t arrive for ages. When the epidural eventually went in, it was 12.10am on Christmas Morning.

From then on, I got some sleep (despite being woken up every 30 minutes for them to check my blood pressure!). Poor Greg however was on the worlds most uncomfortable chair and got very little sleep!

Christmas morning was finally here – and the whole ward entered my room, dressed in nativity atire – and sang me “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. I wasn’t sure if it was real or if it was the drugs if I’m honest! I was very numb from the chest down and I was dopey.

After 7 hours, I hadn’t dilated. I was still 4cm’s and the midwife was concerned. After the singing stopped, Joseph (who was actually a surgeon) stepped forward and said he was really concerned that I hadn’t progressed and wanted to do an emergency cesarean. I was terrified. Greg was excited!

After the word cesarean was mentioned, it was about 15 minutes before we were in the operating theatre and on the way to meeting our baby. I was so scared, but the staff were all amazing.

As I was about to meet Luke, the surgeon warned me that his head had been stuck for a while, so he would look a little coned. I don’t actually remember this, but I don’t think I cared!

Then, he appeared! I don’t really remember, but he cried and I saw him. Then I went all sleepy and the rest is a bit of a blur (not because anything bad happened! Just because the drugs were awesome!).

10.37am on the 25th December 2016 – there he was!
8lbs 6oz of perfection

Luke James Britton

This is Greg cutting the cord. Luke’s poor head! It went down after a few hours.

The story didn’t end there.. I was in hospital for an additional 4 days due to a suspected infection and mystery pain (trapped air from the surgery).

But I was so happy!

Greg was Luke’s primary care giver for a while as I couldn’t change, lift or feed him for a few days. It meant that Greg and Luke got the best initial bonding experience ever! We were extremely lucky to have Luke at a hospital that allowed the fathers to stay with the mothers and babies.

Once we got home, my bonding with Luke started and Greg was fantastic and helped me every step of the way.

A year on, I am trying to persuade Greg to do it again! I was so adamant that I would never have another child, but now I am ready. Just one more.. Watch this space!

A little update on life..

I was not ready for this! When Luke turned 10 months old, he started walking.. He is way too small, right?!
Look at those tiny legs. Not ready for this milestone, but I am sooo proud of him. He will be one so soon!! He had an early joint birthday party with his best mate, Ava. She was born the day after him, so it was perfect!
Matching jumpers, hell yes!
The party was a whole 16 and 17 days before their birthdays, but when is the best time to have a birthday party for someone born on Christmas and Boxing Day?! We had such a great time with our friends and family, but I am still in denial that my baby is soon to be a year old..
My mother-in-law made them a cake (see below – isn’t it amazing!?) and our dear friend Emma, made them the most gorgeous smash cakes! Luke didn’t get to sleep until 3am – maybe it was all the sugar!!!
When Luke was a few weeks old, Ava’s mum (Jemma, who I met at an NCT class when we were pregnant!) and I decided to attend a parenting class. Although we met up a lot and had each other, we thought it would be a good excuse to meet some local mums and babies that were a similar age to ours – how right were we?! 
Including us, there were seven mums and seven babies and we are all still great friends now and try to meet as often as possible. The picture above was the first we took of the babies together. The one below is the most recent.
A few weeks ago, the first baby of the group turned one, and now the whole group are catching up! I cannot get over it how fast they are all growing. They are all incredible kids and I have grown so fond of them and their mums!
He has learned to pose for the camera – every time I hold my phone up, he pulls the above face. SOOO cute.
We met Father Christmas… Luke was not a fan…

SO in conclusion, life has been busy..!

I decided to go back to work-work in October and very quickly found a job doing what I love in a lovely Hotel not too far from me. It has been fab and I’m really enjoying it. Spending time away from Luke has been tough, but his grandparents are enjoying the time with him, and he loves them!
Greg is still my total rock – I literally don’t know how I would function without him. He is just amazing and such a fantastic dad.
I still adore blogging, and I am doing my best to find more time to do more posts. I have a few in the pipeline, so keep an eye out! 
One thing I have found really difficult since being a mum is prioritising my time. The second Luke naps (which isn’t often anymore) or he is eating his lunch in his highchair, all I want to do is relax. As a result, my house is not where I want it to be and my blog has been neglected. I have been putting a lot of work into it recently – you will see it all soon!
Thank you for still sticking around and reading my posts.
I love you all

Baby Breakfast Muffins!

Luke is going through a phase of only wanting to feed himself which is fab! Getting him to eat is a long process however, and if it is green, he doesn’t want it. NIGHTMARE!

I’ve had to get back into the kitchen and figure out how to cook Luke the healthiest foods that he can feed himself. For some, that may sound super easy. For me, I have become so lazy and cooking was definitely not my strong point anymore. But for Luke, it will be a strong point again!

Breakfast for me was a real struggle. I need something that is healthy and that he can feed himself. Now I have gone back to work 3 days per week, I always aim for minimal mess in the mornings.. Challenge accepted..

I didn’t mean to match his top to the highchair..

I searched the internet for some assistance and breakfast muffins kept appearing! They seemed simple enough, so I created my own recipe. They were so simple and it made so many!


1 Cup of Flour
1 Cup of Oats
1/4 Cup of Milk
1 Tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
1 Tsp Baking Powder
1 Large Egg
2 Pouches of Ella’s Kitchen “The Green One”
1 Avocado
1 Banana

1. Pre heat the oven to 220°c/425°f/Gas Mark 7.
Mash the banana and avocado together, then add the milk, the pouches and egg

2. In another bowl, mix the dry ingredients

3. Fold the mix together, ensuring the dry mix is completely covered – this doesn’t need to be too thorough

4. Scoop a generous amount into a muffin tray – you can use liners, but I just used a silicone tray and some spray coconut oil

5. Pop in the oven for 20 mins.
Ensure when the time is done that they are cooked through
(I use a knife to poke through the centre. If the knife comes out clean, they are done! If not, put them back in for another few minutes)

6. Ta-daaaa!
Cool them on a cooling tray.
These can be frozen (which saves my life!) and defrosted as needed.
I pop them in the microwave for 30 second bursts until they are warm through!

Perfect every time!

MAM Oral Care Week! *

This week is MAM Oral Care Week! YAY! MAM have some fantastic products to help look after your little one’s mouth.

Go to the store here and enter “ORALCARE25” for 25% off oral care and teethers! (excluding MAM Friends)

For your chance to win a teether of choice, keep reading!

Oral care is so important for your little one. I always thought that it was simple when you had a baby. They don’t have any teeth, so why do I need to worry about their oral care?? Ohh Rowan, how wrong can you be?

When Luke’s first tooth came through, I was so excited. I had the toothbrush at the ready! Luke had other plans. He would not let me brush his tooth. In fact, if the toothbrush went near him, he would gag and clamp his jaw shut. Even when he started to accept the toothbrush (just holding it though..) he would scream if it went near his mouth. Oh man.

His first tooth came through on the 1st August, followed by the second on the 12th August. Two adorable bottom teeth to take care of – but no way of him allowing me! So I tried to make it fun. I let him basically just have one toothbrush at all times, and showed him throughout the day, every day, how to brush his teeth. Eventually, it worked! Now, if I hand him his brush, he brushes his teeth (and then I step in and make sure they are sparkling!).

Growing up, my baby teeth were a real problem. I had an addiction to fruit juice in a bottle and would not let my parents brush my teeth. The result? Painful tooth extractions and adult teeth growing where they shouldn’t. This really motivated me to make sure that Luke would never have this problem. But where to start..

MAM have some incredible products to ensure your baby has the best oral care from day one. I honestly could not recommend them more.

The MAM Oral Care Rabbit

This product can be used from BIRTH! Yes, birth! It is so important to keep gums clean.

This is a product I am so glad I had before Luke’s teeth came through. I was a bit late to the party though, and got it when he was about 4-5 months old. It helped him get used to having his gums brushed. And when he refused the toothbrush at first, this helped keep his brand new little tooth clean!

You simply put the ears over your fingers and gently rub over the baby gums!

I do let Luke just hold and chew this too. He loves it.

MAM Bite and Relax (Phase 2)
Hands up if your baby started teething ridiculously early, but no teeth appeared for a while?!

Luke started teething at about 7-8 weeks. It was hell! He would chew everything, mainly blankets, and cry all the time. He was too young for pain relief and only just old enough for a tiny dose of teething powder which didn’t work for long.

I bought a couple of teethers to relieve him, but the issue I had was sterilising them. I threw them in the steriliser and then… Well and then what?! How was I supposed to take them with me and keep them clean? I actually resorted to putting them in a sterilised bottle, which meant more to carry.

These teethers come with a sterilisble case – YES! YOU READ THAT RIGHT!! Just like the MAM Soothers, you can sterilise this teether in the microwave in the case, and take it with you. The case keeps them sterile for 48 hours.

Luke chews on every part of this teether. I attach it to one of our soother clips and he favours it over his soother!

MAM also sell the Bite and Relax Phase 1 from 2+ months – it also comes in a sterilisable case and you can find it here.

MAM Friends
Meet Bob and Lucy. They are Luke’s MAM Friends.

They are made of 100% natural rubber, making them 100% baby safe.

These guys are brilliant. Luke actually talks to them – not too sure what he is saying, but he looks right at their little eyes and talks! After he has had a nice long chat with them, he tries to eat them. Just as well they are perfect for this!

Both can be secured onto a dummy clip so Luke can take them everywhere with him (and I don’t have to worry about them getting lost!). Luke points and pokes the little bumps and patterns and found them incredibly easy to pick up from very early on. They are extremely squidgy with no squeek – that means I don’t have to worry about stepping on one when Luke is in bed – result!

These can’t be sterilised, but I personally just give them a quick once over with the bottle brush and some antibacterial washing up liquid and dry them thoroughly.

Lucy is suitable from 2+ months and can be found here.
Max is suitable from 4+ months and can be found here.
Ellie is suitable from 4+ months and can be found here.
Bob is suitable from 5+ months and can be found here.

MAM Massaging Brush
The MAM Massaging Brush is a life saver. When Luke’s gums are causing him pain, the last thing he wants me to do is brush his teeth. The MAM Massaging Brush not only cleans his existing teeth and gums, it brings a great deal of comfort to those sore gums!

One thing I adore about the MAM Massaging Brush is that it is long – long enough for Luke to hold, and still room for me to help!

MAM Learn to Brush Set
This brush set does exactly what it says on the tin. It helped Luke learn to brush his own teeth, and hugely helped my piece of mind at the same time!

Like the other one, the MAM Learn to Brush Set comes with a long brush. Luke can hold this and I can help him! The smaller brush is perfect for little hands.

The reason this brush saved my piece of mind is that little round plastic piece that comes with the brushes. This clips around the neck of the brush to stop Luke from shoving the whole brush down his throat! It is such a fab idea and it really works. Luke cannot take it off which is even better! He uses it as a handle, too.

The Giveaway is now closed!!

MAM have kindly offered a fantastic prize of a choice of teether from their website! The range can be found here.

Giveaway closes on 20th October 2017 (winner selected and announced on the 21st).

All you have to do is enter below!

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Good Luck!!

The fine print: MAM have sent me this product for the purpose of review. All views are my own.
The giveaway is for UK residents only and will be drawn at random on the 21st October2017

Homemade Granola!

Breakfast in my house is a bit hit and miss. With a baby to feed, I often end up eating what he doesn’t and soggy toast is not my favourite thing..
I had been searching Pinterest for quick and easy breakfasts that I could make ahead of time and I pinned a lot! But one thing that stood out for me was granola. A few weeks back, a friend of mine said that she had been making her own granola for the week and it was really easy, so I thought I would give it a try! After reading a few recipes, it was easy enough to create my own.
You will need:
And if you like it sweet, add a grated apple into the mix!
First steps, pre heat the oven at 175°c/350°f/Gas Mark 4. While the oven is heating up, mix all dry ingredients together and put in an oven proof dish. Bake for 15 minutes, stirring every 3 minutes. You don’t need to be religious with the 3 minute stir, I just like filling my house with the smell!
Mix the wet ingredients together (including the apple if you have decided on a sweeter granola!). When the 15 minutes is up, take the dry ingredients out of the oven. They should smell incredible right about now! Add the wet ingredients and stir thoroughly. Everything should be covered equally.
Once everything is combined, you will want to thinly layer a baking tray with your mix. It is fairly important that it is a thin layer as you want it to bake evenly.
Put back in the oven for a further 15 minutes. It should start to go golden and smell even better!! Once the time is up, turn the oven off, but leave the granola inside for a further 5 minutes. 

Remove the granola from the oven and allow to completely cool. Once cooled, you can store in an air tight jar for around 3 days.
Personally, I have this with yogurt or even by itself as a snack. You can add raisins, chocolate chips, etc to make it perfect for your own taste. This recipe is a great base!

Let me know how it turns out for you!