For Aisha*

Meal times. Aren’t they supposed to be fun?! Well, with at least 3 meals per day (I say at least 3 because Luke is always hungry!), I am always on the look out for a way to make meal times fun. With a fussy one year old, feeding Luke is still a learning curve. Luke insists upon feeding himself, no matter what the food is, no matter how messy it is.

I am always looking for healthy and convenient food for him. With his pea intolerance, finding something that isn’t spaghetti bolognese and that doesn’t have anything visibly green in it can be a challenge! When For Aisha got in touch to ask if Luke would like to try out some of their meals, we jumped at the chance!

For Aisha produce this incredible baby food that is brilliant for so many reasons. The biggest reason I love them is because I can cook Spaghetti Bolognese, Fish Pie and all your usual homely meals. When I am looking for food for Luke, I tend to steer away from something I can make at home with ease. For Aisha have so many different meals with a Moroccan and Asian feel to them. I don’t normally cook this kind of food at home – mainly because I am so bad at it!

They use a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, pulses, herbs and spices that offer health and weaning benefits for babies. He literally smells the food as he is eating it! Their recipes are endorsed by a registered dietitian, which I find incredibly comforting.

We tried, was the Date and Apricot Tagine with Lamb. Now, although the tray is incredibly convenient and brilliant for when we are out and about, I always put Luke’s meals in a bowl with a sucker on it, so it isn’t as easy for him to launch across the living room! My favourite is the Bamboo Bamboo bowls!

The smell from this meal is just incredible. I had a taste and I nearly didn’t share the rest with Luke. It was insanely good!

When trying a new meal, Luke has this funny habit which I find really cute! He dips the spoon in and smells the food – he sometimes licks the spoon. He then dips his finger tips in the food to taste it.



Look at how serious he is! He really means business when it comes to food. Well, I can tell you that it was a hit!



The texture was perfect. He found it really easy to feed himself as there were lumps and it wasn’t too liquidy. Not only did he really enjoy it, but he hardly spilled any on the carpet! Result!

Luke not only finished the whole thing, but there was hardly any on his bib. This is a first!

I will definitely be buying For Aisha again. I was concerned that as Luke is so fussy, he wouldn’t respond the way he did – but I am so glad! They are officially a firm favourite in our house.


For Aisha sent us these meals to review. All views are Luke's (and mine)!