For Greg’s birthday, we went to the Netherlands – and wow. I loved it! I have started to learn Dutch via the app “Duolingo” – seriously, check it out, it is the only app I have ever found that is half decent for languages. 
On a serious note, all I have learned to say so far is “The boy eats bread” and believe it or not, I didn’t have to use it…
We had a short but sweet break in a lovely little hotel in the centre of Amsterdam.
My gorgeous hubby at the airport 🙂 and breakfast – what a way to start the day!
Ohhh the shopping…!

This is officially the best drink in the whole world. I LOVED the lychee flavour – I am so gutted they don’t do these in the UK 🙁 
It has little pieces of coconut jelly in it – YUM!

Cocktails at the Hard Rock in a cafetiere! It was loveeeeely!

I think these were handprints of the athletes that had come from the Netherlands – I maaaay be wrong as my Dutch isn’t amazing..

Everywhere in Amsterdam, there is hot food vending machines – how do I not have one of these outside my house?! They were awesome!!
Hamburger and bacon from a vending machine – and it was bloody lovely!
I would definitely recommend Amsterdam for a get away – the shopping was amazing – the sites are incredible!
If you are tempted to go to Amsterdam to indulge in the cannabis scene, please, please, PLEASE remember that it is only legal to buy in the coffee shops, where alcohol is not also on sale. People have been selling false cannabis and people have been dying because of it.

The only other thing I would flag is the red light district and the prostitutes…
We accidentally stumbled down the red light district twice (I’m not going to lie, curiosity would have got the better of me and I would have had to have had a look anyway!). Honestly, we didn’t have any trouble – we did walk passed the women that were stood in the windows, trying to get customers – however, it made me feel very uncomfortable. 
If I genuinely thought the women had chosen this path because it is what they wanted to do, I wouldn’t have an issue with it – (it’s your life, live it your way) but there were a lot of men outside, trying to get people in. It just made me feel very uncomfortable and it made me worried for the young (18 year old) male tourists.
If you go to Amsterdam, you will have an amazing time. Be safe and enjoy!