Baby Essentials

When you’re expecting your first baby, everything looks appealing. I must admit, myself and my husband bought an awful lot of things with no idea if they would be useful or not and we ended up with a lot of samples to try out!
Here is what I couldn’t live without!
The current NHS guidelines are that your baby should sleep in your room for the first six months of their lives. I wanted to do this safely, so I did my research. I wanted my baby close to me, so I looked into co-sleepers that attached to the side of your bed. Nice and close, but they would still be in their own space. My husband and I sleep so deeply, I would never trust the baby to be in the bed with us!

A friend of mine on Facebook liked the Bednest page – so I had a look. I had checked out all the co-sleepers you could buy in the shops and although they looked great, I was not too keen on the idea of spending £200 on something my baby would be in for 4-6 months, and then I would have to store it. I know, I could re-use it for baby number two, but I would also have to store it after that and we really don’t have anywhere but the loft – and no, I didn’t want to put it up there!

The day before we went to be induced!

The Bednest is hired for as long as you need it, but it is recommended until your baby is six months (and not rolling/crawling/etc). All the fabric is new, so the only re-used part is the wood. It is amazing! It attaches to the side of the bed by the base, and the crib itself can come off.  The sides collapse so you can have the baby almost in the bed with you, but in their own space.

This was when we realised he needed to go into his big cot!

We brought it downstairs in the day for Luke to sleep in, instead of buying an additional moses basket. We loved it! I ordered it at the end of October and returned it at the end of June. I honestly couldn’t recommend this cot enough.

Koo-Di Pop Up Basinet

4 weeks old

I bought the Koo-Di when I was pregnant with the intention of using it when we were at friends/families houses. We actually ended up using it a lot! We used it when we went away on three family get-aways by the time he was 4 months old. It was such a brilliant purchase!

It was perfect because it folds up so small and has a built in mosquito net. When we were in Cyprus, we could have him sleep outside whilst we were pool side and we didn’t have to worry about the bugs!

17 weeks old

This lasted Luke until he was 4 months old as he started to roll and crawl!

There are so many cute colours and patterns in the range, I would definitely buy another if/when I had another baby!


Cosatto Travel System
A travel system is an essential when it comes to a baby, and without a doubt, my favourite is the Cosatto Giggle 2! We got ours from Mothercare for a total steal! I love all the patterns they do, and Luke adored the pattern from an early age. He would look at the pattern and smile. It melted my heart!

When I was recovering from my caesarean, I could really lean on the pushchair whilst pushing Luke to help me walk. It really helped me get out of the house!

Everywhere I go, someone stops me to ask me about the pushchair/car seat. That definitely does wonders for the ego!

As Luke got bigger, the pushchair grew with him!

We will be able to use this for a fair while yet and I love it!

BabyMoov Swing Chair
This chair was absolutely fantastic from newborn until about 5 months (when Luke became a little too mobile for it!). It rocks, it plays music and it has a mobile. It can either be powered by batteries or you can plug it in.

From a couple of days old, he sat in this with the music going, being rocked. It would soothe him so fast, it really helped us out!

As you can see from the picture, he has changed so much! He went from not even noticing the mobile, to eating it! Even now, if I play the music from the chair, he smiles excitedly! It is the sweetest thing.

Now Luke has outgrown it, I have folded it up and put it away in his room. As it folds almost flat, it doesn’t get in the way at all and will be kept for baby number 2!

This also comes with a lifetime warranty which is just brilliant!

Swaddle Blankets
One of the best gifts I was given for Luke were these swaddle blankets. I received a pack of four and I loved them so much, I bought an additional 4! Did I ever swaddle Luke? Not really – I was terrible at it. Why were they the best gift? Because they are amazing!

I have used them to line cots in hotels, in his car seat and pushchair, in his cot, they made great burp cloths when he was small, and loads more!

They make the best blankets as they are so incredibly soft and they wash and dry incredibly well. I am yet to find another type of blanket that washes so well! They also fold up incredibly small and can be kept in your changing bag.

Out of the brands that I have, my favourite by far is Swaddle Designs!

Car Seat Blanket
When we brought Luke home from the hospital, it was -2°c outside. I had read never to put a baby in a coat/jacket whilst in their car seat, so I bought a car seat blanket. It threads into the car seat and wraps around the baby to keep them warm.

We only really used this to and from the car as we heated the car once we were in it and didn’t want him to over heat! Once he is in the car, we unwrap him – he wasn’t too amused by this!

This was an absolute God send for the first two months. After that, Luke managed to wiggle his way out of it so we stopped using it for the car seat. It is so soft and cute though, that we still use it from time to time. Realistically, we could use it on his pushchair, too!

MAM Bottles
Every mum that plans to give their baby formula has to pick a bottle for their baby. I originally started out with Tommee Tippee and as brilliant as they were, Luke had colic and was sick a fair amount, so we decided to try MAM. I had received a free one in the post so I tried it and within a few days, Luke’s colic was noticeably better.

I had heard about MAM bottles as they were supposed to make your life so much easier because you DON’T NEED A STERILISER!!

Yes, you read that correctly. They self sterilise in the microwave with a drop of water!!!

These were a dream when it came to going abroad with Luke when he was 4 months old, as we didn’t have to worry about how we would sterilise his bottles. We just needed the microwave!

Their soothers are also fab and come in a microwaveable sterilising case. These have saved my life!


IKEA Highchair
Calling all bargain hunters! This highchair cost me £15, BRAND NEW, from IKEA!

This highchair is simply the best thing ever. I have tried Luke in other highchairs and none of them can contain him like this one can. It is easy to clean (you can even put the tray in the dishwasher!) and you can buy an additional inflatable insert with a washable cover.

Pop Up Play Pen
This has literally saved my life and my sanity. Luke started crawling fairly early and I lost the ability to do anything without him destroying my house! Well, I was more worried about him hurting himself on my incredibly un-child-proofed house!

I searched for play pens and was worried that I was going to have to sacrifice all the space that I had left in my living room – but then I found this! It is stable enough for him to pull himself up on and he can peek through it.

It can go outside, and folds to the size of a travel cot. Luke adores it. He sleeps in it, plays in it and watches TV through it!


What could you not live without? What was totally not needed?!