Chili Chai Tea

If you hadn’t guessed it by now, I LOVE TEA!
My favourite tea has got to be chai – I love any kind of chai tea and I love making my own.
This is the easy way to make brilliant tasting chili chai tea πŸ™‚
You’ll need:
loose leaf tea
chili flakes
cinnamon sticks
anise stars
First of all, pick a nice container for the tea to live in. Make sure it can be air tight – we don’t want it to get ruined!
Next, you need your tea. Pick wisely! I decided to make a decaffinated batch – Greg doesn’t drink caffeine and loves chai, so this was a treat for him!
I thought I would try Brew Tea – wow. I was not disappointed. The packaging was so lovely that I didn’t want to unwrap it! I got a lovely freebie too!
First step – pour your tea (once you have unwrapped it from the gorgeous packaging!) into the jar.
Break the cinnamon sticks into the tea.


Add four tea spoons of cloves, and two spoonfuls of cardamon.


Add two anise stars and two teaspoons of chili flakes
For a sweeter touch, I would normally add a vanilla pod too – but I haven’t for this batch!