Coconut Oil Hair Mask – Tried and Tested!

I have insane hair. Check this out!

Now, if you have read my post about Coconut Oil, you will know that I am obsessed. I have seen so many people trying out coconut oil hair masks, that I thought I would join in.

I do use coconut oil on my hair, but I was a little cautious about using it on my scalp and roots. My hair literally never gets greasy (I am lucky, I could literally not wash my hair for a month and it would not be greasy) – so I was hesitant to make it greasy! What if the coconut oil doesn’t wash out properly?! My scalp is always super dry – so I thought that I would give it a go.

First, I started by parting my hair and massaging melted coconut oil straight onto my scalp. I made sure that my head was covered but not overloaded. It felt so good!!

Then I moved down my hair with the oil, all the way to the tips.

I tied my hair into a bun on top of my head, and left it over night.

Now this was not a very pleasant experience.. I had to basically wrap my hair in a towel for the whole night so I didn’t get my pillow covered in oil!

To rinse the coconut oil out of my hair, I used a standard Tresemmé shampoo. It took just two shampoos before the oil was out of my hair – but I did do a third rinse, just in case!

The result?


Now, for my hair, this is amazing!!

It was so soft and my scalp felt so hydrated.

Try it!