Cyprus! I love Cyprus.
The fact that my mum’s side of the family is Greek Cypriot did make me want to explore Cyprus more, but even if I wasn’t Greek, I would love it anyway!

I love that it is only a four hour flight and that they drive on the same side of the road that they do in England. It is like a hot home!

Deliberately – I will keep the typing short as I have included a lot of pictures – ENJOY!

Take off! England is pretty awesome.


Look at those mountains?! I have no idea where this is.. But I think it is the French Alps. Looked amazing!


On the plane.. I love this stuff! In the box was a load of awesome snacks!
As we landed – we saw this. Although the picture doesn’t do it justice, it looked like a dinosaur!
Our pool had loads of frogs in it!
At 1am – I bet my brother €20 that he wouldn’t jump in the cold pool…


These were the best thing ever! You pick your frozen yoghurt, then add whatever toppings you like! AMAZING! Greg was hooked from day one…


The food was amazing! However, I don’t think I will eat octopus again.. Too creepy!
So much cool stuff to look at – I loved this cafe! I am desperate for it in my garden. Everywhere we looked, we were surrounded by banana plants – which are amazing!


This dog followed us for a while.. It didn’t have an owner!





Love the beach πŸ™‚


My mum lit some candles in the church near the beach – although you can’t see it, there were so many sparrows in there!


This is a shipwreck – pretty cool huh?!



I hope you enjoyed these pictures almost as much as I enjoyed going! πŸ™‚