Dear Diary…

I have recently ordered a personalised organiser – I am just waiting for it to arrive and I cannot wait (I will definitely do a post about it when it arrives – I worked with the creator to make it exactly how I wanted it)!

How many of you keep a diary? I have always tried, ever since I was little. It has never been a success. I think that it is important to keep some sort of diary to give to the future me (aka, my children/grandchildren!).

My lovely Granny penned her memoirs and unfortunately for me, never published them. Although I have the majority, I keep finding additional pages with my dad and aunty – hopefully one day I will find all of it. Even with only the partial memoirs, it feels amazing to be able to read what I do have. My Granny died when I was 5, when she was at the amazing age of 81. I wish I had got to know her better, so her memoirs make me feel that much closer to her. It gave me the opportunity to get to know my Granny, and even her mother, without them being here. I wish that I had the same for my other family members.
Anyway, these two books have solved my problems – a page a day per year, for 5 years!
“One Line A Day – A Five Year Memory Book” can be found here. It is just enough for two or three sentences a day – enough to jog your memory a few months or even years down the line. I cannot get enough of it!
“Q&A a Day – A Five Year Diary” can be found here. This one asks you a different question every day. It will be so interesting to see how my answers differ over the years. I just recently had to answer what the current buzzword was!
So far, these have been so much fun and I haven’t (yet!) forgotten to write in either. I will definitely take them with me on holiday or away from home. Already, only a month into them, I look back on what I have written and laugh (and cringe..!).

For the parents out there wanting to record similar on behalf of their children, there is the “Q&A a Day – A Five Year Diary for Kids” that can be found here!

Disclosure: all opinions stated in this post are my own. I only post reviews about products that I am passionate about and think you should all know about! Thank you for reading 🙂