DIY Glasses – Tried and Tested!

Being the Pinterest addict that I am, I have seen many different DIY projects that I will eventually work my way through!
One that really interested me is using nail varnish to personalise glasses! The walk through that I originally found said that they are dishwasher proof and very durable – got to be worth a try, right?

At my last trip to one of the various pound shops, I picked up a set of 6 stacker glasses for (you guessed it) £1! One did get broken when I tried to save a spider.. So I have 5 to work with.

I picked out 6 5 nail varnishes that I liked the colours of and some cotton buds.

With my first colour, I dipped the cotton in the nail varnish and splodged it all over the glass in some sort of pattern.


It was very therapeutic and had minimal mess. The only thing that got covered in nail varnish that wasn’t the glass was my hands!

I did the splodges in sections I didn’t get covered!

This was the end result – I am happy!

I also tried this with shot glasses – I painted the bottoms of each glass – how cool does this look!?

So tried and tested – total success! Definitely not dishwasher safe though.. I tried it and the dishwasher removed half of the dots. I tested scrubbing with a sponge and hot water and the dots don’t budge 🙂