Doing my bit in 2019

Happy New Year!!!

Small update on life: On Christmas day, my baby turned two. He didn’t understand the aspect of Christmas or his Birthday, but when we sung him “Happy Birthday” he absolutely loved it. His little face lit up!

Christmas brought some much needed time as a family. Our family suffered a loss that brought us closer together. Our house flooded, our washing machine broke, our bathroom was redone, it was fairly intense! But we got there.

Work has been going well – I have even scored a promotion that will begin over the next few months. I am really excited! I love my job. 

Luke is still loving nursery. His little face lights up when we get there! He is still the fussiest child I have ever encountered when it comes to food, but we are getting there. I made some carrot fritters the other day and he ate them! Result!

He has a new found love for the bath and brushing his teeth. It is so cute.

His speech is still not great – his pronunciation isn’t very clear, but he is saying words. We just have to listen really carefully and try our hardest to work out what he is saying. He can count to 20 and recite the alphabet – and he can read the letters and numbers, too! I’m so proud of him.


The fact that I have a son has really put my life into perspective. Not just my life, but what impact my life is having on the world and Luke’s little life.

Convenience overtakes our lives and in turn, ruins our planet. In one of my more recent posts, I created an infographic to depict the impact single use products are having on our planet. Can you believe that there isn’t a piece of plastic that has been made that has begun to break down? That is not okay.

How many disposable coffee cups do you think you’ve gone through in your lifetime? Or bottles of water? It is all well and good making your best efforts to recycle (and please, please continue to recycle!) but not everything that can be, is. This is down to a number of things. For example, in my area there are so many things that the local council do not recycle. It is tough finding recycling points and collecting lots of different things in lots of different bags to take to a recycling point. I do it, but it is a nightmare.

In 2019, I am committing to not buying products that come in packaging that can’t be recycled by my local area. That may sound easy. That means none of the usual crisps, sweets, breakfast bars, toilet roll, etc. It’s not just exclusive to recyclables.

If I don’t have my own reusable coffee cup with me, I don’t get coffee. If I want a straw and I haven’t brought my own reusable one, I don’t get one. If I’ve forgotten my own back, I don’t buy a plastic one to tide me over. 

We are 14 days into the new year and wow. This has already been a challenge, but it has been so interesting.

Over the next few months, I’ll be documenting my swaps and how I’ve found them.

What are you favourite zero waste swaps? What are your tips?