Festival Essentials!

I have been to a couple of festivals.. Glastonbury and Reading specifically. I am a lot luckier than your average camper though. Greg works for the medics team – therefore we get a different camp site with showers and security! Wooo! So I must admit – I am more used to glamping than camping..
However, I thought I would give you the guide to festivals and what you MUST bring and what not to bother bringing.



Now, think wisely. Greg and I took a four man pop up tent to Glastonbury thinking we would not need more.. After one night of rain, we had to travel about 10 miles to get a new tent. The tent we got was amazing. It had bedrooms and kept the water out amazingly well.

Remember not to go to huge though because you may not find a spot!

Toilet Roll and Wet Wipes
This is one you must NOT forget. There will more than likely be toilet roll available – but what if there isn’t?! Also, it is normally left in the rain when the weather is rubbish. With the lack of hygiene, I find the wet wipes a welcoming site. The majority of the toilets are drop loos or porto-loos, so you do not need to worry about what does and doesn’t flush.
Emergency Repair Stash
Duct tape to fix snags in the tent
A torch to navigate
Earplugs for that early night (that will probably never happen)
Sleeping Gear
It will get cold at night – do NOT think it won’t!
Make sure you have a sleeping bag, pillow and blow up mattress or foam ground matt. I bring a full tracksuit to sleep in for warmth (also, when you get comfy in your sleeping bag and finally get a little bit warm, you will need to pee – so at least if you are wearing trackies, you can make a non-embarrassing dash!).
Rain Coat
I got an amazing coat from Primark that is festival specific. Isn’t it cute!?

Umbrellas are the most annoying thing to bring at a festival when you are out and about – too many people! I would advise you to keep one at your tent for when you are walking to the loo at night!

Sun Cream and Sun Glasses

It will be hot and you will get burned. EVEN IF IT RAINS! Bring after sun too!
Keep the sunnies cheap as they will probably be broken or lost..

Money and ID

I would recommend bringing a card and some cash – and keeping both separate, just in case.
ID is needed for some tickets and obviously, any booze!


This is personal to everyone – personally, I bring: toothbrush and toothpaste, a small shower gel, a normal sized hand soap, shampoo/conditioner, body spray, deodorant and face wipes.

Gum is also a good idea!

Clothes and Shoes

If the festival is for 5 days, bring 7 pairs of clothes and 8 pairs of underwear. If it rains, you have a back up pair (or two)! Bring socks! Lots of them.

Wellies or good walking boots are essential – and so are welly socks! Make sure you have decent walking shoes and never let your feet stay wet. Don’t even bother with flipflops or dolly shoes!

Medical Information

If you have ANY medical history that you would want your doctor to know, you must keep some record of it with you at all times. Write down the medication you are on and/or medical condition on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet if you do not already have something that states this.

You would be surprised at the amount of people that this would be beneficial to – especially if something happens to you when you are by yourself.

If you do take medication, make sure you bring enough of it with you! Although at Glastonbury and Reading there are amazingly equipt hospitals on site, they can not be expected to carry what you need.

Water Bottle

Bottled water is an essential – but pricey part of festival camping. I once bought a small bottle of water for £4!! A beer was almost the same price.. I almost choked. Everywhere I went, there were taps with drinking water. This is free!

Charging Bar and Cheap Phone
You can pick up a cheap pay as you go phone from almost anywhere for £10 or cheaper! This is handy for emergencies.
You can pick up cheap charging packs for your phone – they hold 8 hours or so charge – definitely an essential for any festival goer! It is only fair that you let your parents know you are safe on occasion! Even at 25, my mum still expects her texts 🙂
Food and Drink?
Personally, I bring a couple of packs of noodles, just in case money is running low. I really love festival food, so I am happy buying food whilst I am there – it is pricey though!
Bin Bags
A mega essential for your laundry and rubbish. Trust me, bring at least 5!
Bum Bag

Last but not least – the most important!! A bum bag! I know, it sounds embarrassing, but who will be embarressed when your bag gets snatched or your backpack gets raided. Now I didn’t want just any bum bag. I got mine made! Check out this beauty!!


This was lovingly made for me by Jane of Loopy’s Place. I contacted her via her Facebook page after reaching out in a crafts forum! We worked together and she made me the bag exactly as I wanted it! I am so grateful and happy with it 🙂 you must check her out!

Remember, they literally sell everything that I have listed – so don’t panic if you forget something! Just be prepared to spend some serious money.

What are you festival essentials?