Friday the 13th!

Lucky for some? Well one Friday 13th was definitely one of the most unlucky days of my life..
It was a rainy evening last year and Greg and I decided to take a drive to the supermarket at about 10.30pm.
I made the mistake of saying “OOO it’s Friday 13th! At least nothing bad has happened” – yeah, can you believe I said that?
We managed to get to the shops, do our shopping and leave – all pretty problem free! Until the drive home..

We were driving down a long stretch of road (50mph limit) that has no street lights and lots of trees. The storm was pretty bad – the rain had stopped but the wind was crazy.

Up ahead, we noticed a police car pulled over in a bus stop – I had a look out my window to see what they were doing – they were both outside of the car but nothing happening other than that, as far as I could see…

Almost as soon as we passed them, we noticed something in the road up ahead – Greg put his full beam on to see that a tree had fallen across both sides of the road. We managed to emergency stop – just hitting it gently – however, the car driving towards us did not see it and did not slow down, despite us flashing our lights at her!

She drove straight into the tree – pushing it into our car. We were fine – we jumped out of the car to check the other car. Greg is a medic and works part time for the Ambulance Service, so he put on a high vis jacket and went to the car. It was a middle aged woman – luckily unhurt but definitely shaken up.

I was fuming because we had just passed the police – we were sure they knew about the tree – that had to be why they stopped! Why didn’t they warn us to slow down? WHY hadn’t they shut the road??!

Turns out.. They didn’t know. They had a flat tyre! That is why they stopped. They heard the crash and ran up to us to see what happened.

A large van came speeding towards us but luckily saw us and slowed right down – he managed to stop the traffic too so no one else hit the tree (as it was completely blocking the road on both sides).

We had no signal down that road – none of us did – so it was lucky that the police were there, otherwise we would never have got help!

NOW how is that for a Friday 13th unlucky day?! Let’s just hope today goes better…

Well since writing this, at work, two girls just got coated in a cup of hot tea due to a nerf gun war.. Both are burned! Friday the 13th strikes again!

Has anything happened to you on Friday the 13th?