Get Fit At Work!

Hands up! Who has an office job? Or a job that involves a LOT of sitting?

I really need to pull my finger out and do more exercise, what better time to start than right NOW? Now, my job does have a gym on site – I am so lucky. But I do still need to work for 7.5 hours per day – why not make this time work out time?!

Posture is everything – keep that posture lookin’ goooooood! Make sure your feet, ankles and knees are all at 90 degree angles to the floor and keep that core engaged!

Butt Squeezing!
When sat down, squeeeeeeeeeeeeze that bum! Hold it for 10 seconds, and relax. Do this whenever you think about it. You won’t regret it!

Wall Sitting
This is something that can be done if you are on a long call. Stand up straight – against the wall and slide down into a squat. Try and hold it for 30 seconds (but if 30 seconds is easy, double it!).

Leg Raises
Under the desk, raise one leg, for 10 seconds, then swap. When this starts becoming easier, do both legs, at the same time. Try holding your stomach in whilst doing this for the extra work out!

Take the Stairs
When I say “take the stairs” I don’t just mean to your office or your desk. I mean, take the stairs when you get up from your desk for a break. Climb them two at a time for the perfect booty, jump them two at a time if that gets easy (obviously, be conscious of your work colleagues! They may stumble across you and think you need a holiday..)!

One of my colleagues recently purchased a laptop stand, so he can work whilst standing. This is a great way to burn those extra calories. Anyone that owns an Apple Watch will be nagged every hour on the hour to stand for a minute. Weekly, I need to have face to face meetings with various colleagues that last 30 minutes – I am going to try to rope them into standing meetings!

Walking is not overrated. When my eyes have been on the screen for too long, I take a stroll to talk to fellow colleagues about what I am working on currently or to pick their brains. Whilst walking to their desk, I try to take a detour and stretch my legs and arms as much as possible on the way. Walking is good!