Honeymoon and Something to Remember

For our honeymoon, we went to the gorgeous Greek island of Kos for a week in the sun.
What more could anyone want? Greek food, sun, sea and my hubby 🙂 Also, our hotel was all inclusive, so we didn’t even need to leave!
The entertainment was interesting – but the people were lovely and I would definitely go back!
Next time, I would love to travel across that little bit of ocean to explore Turkey.
It was beautiful and it was an amazing way to celebrate our marriage!

 We were right on the beach – it was beautiful, and the food was out of this world!

Isn’t this watermelon just the prettiest?!

 We had our own jacuzzi – it was lovely!!
Our honeymoon was brilliant! And I would love to go back to Kos – or any other Greek Island for that matter!
Have you ever been to one of the Greek Islands?
On a different note…
As I am sure you are all aware, there is a war going on. People are leaving their homes and traveling in the most dangerous ways to find safety. One of the places they are going daily is Kos.
I knew that there were thousands of refugees near our hotel and I felt really powerless and a little scared in a way. Desperate people will do desperate things, right?
I kept thinking about it over and over, and another person at the hotel said that a woman had tried to give away her children because she was so fearful.
I needed to see this for myself. On my Facebook, people were posting that these people were all men and ISIS in disguise.. I persuaded Greg to let me investigate. 

This gorgeous beach view is tainted by the colourful tents across the shore. Thousands of them, all dotted down the paths.

In this picture, you may be able to see the figures through the fence. Thousands of people, sleeping on cardboard, washing their clothes in the sea.
What Greg and I saw were families. Men, women and children – none of which were begging. None of which were fighting. They were all just living in these horrible conditions in the best way they could.
Mothers and fathers were playing with their children. The children were as looked after as they could be. We even saw one lady with a brand new baby.
These people should not be seen as a threat. In every crowd, you get bad people, so why worry about them here? These refugees have risked their baby’s lives to get away from war zones because drowning in the sea is better than what would be waiting for them on their door step.
Just remember that these people are in fact people. Humans – just like you and I.
We need to help them any way we can – and if that is by welcoming them into our country, then that is what we should do.