How Long Until It’s Gone?

How can I have been so naive about plastic?? My whole life I have been strict with regards to recycling and I like to think I do my bit, but then the ugly truth about plastic became more apparent than ever..

We have all heard the statistic. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Seriously, WTF?! I honestly had no idea the scale of the problem until I started doing my research.. In our parents lifetime, our own lifetime, or even that of our children’s, children’s children – no plastic will have started to break down.

Just to give you an idea..

So what can we do as parents to prevent this?

As a parent or even a plastic free parent, I am not perfect. I am still learning and desperately trying to do my bit. Starting small is starting a change in thinking. Here is what we do at home:

Less Disposables, More Reusables!

I have silicone straws, water bottles and reusable coffee cups that I take everywhere with me. Luke loves a straw, so he has his own that we take everywhere. If I don’t bring my coffee cup, I don’t get coffee. Simples!

Reusable Containers

I try to make as much of our own food as possible, but we also LOVE a takeaway. With our favourite takeaways, come single use plastic containers. They had always been a disposable in our household. That has now stopped. I wash them up and use them for just about everything! They stack so well in the freezer and they can be used as lunch boxes.

We also have these really cute lunch boxes that are stored inside each other. They are perfect for small storage spaces. I use them for sandwiches, snacks and well, just about anything!

Reusable Food Pouches

I have a whole post dedicated to Nom Nom Kids here. You can buy reusable pouches to store your homemade baby food in and they work wonders. Each pouch is guaranteed for 40 uses, but they are good for so many more. They go in the dishwasher and are just incredible! Their snack pouches are fab too.

I currently have a couple of smoothies in the freezer in pouches for myself for breakfast.

If you do use single use baby food pouches, check out your local recycling facility here.


I am very passionate about recycling. I am now also passionate that recycling is not always the answer. Single use materials are not the answer.

I am definitely not saying that I never buy a bottle or can of drink, but I do limit what I buy. I always bring my own bottle everywhere for water, and I bring my own coffee cup too. On the occasions that I do buy single use items, I make sure I recycle them appropriately. If there isn’t a recycling bin where I am, I take it with me.

When buying products that can be recycled, just remember that not everything makes it to the recycling plant. Reusing is the way forward!