Internet Free Day?

Even typing the title – I cringed!
I am definitely addicted to the internet and social media – big time. Even when I am talking to people, I sometimes get distracted and peer into my phone.. I know – rude, right?!
I also felt like I was neglecting Greg.. It is so nice to just relax and chat to him about nothing in particular, after work – however, normally I ignore him! I take out my laptop and type away until it is time for bed – then I go on my phone!
After definitely feeling like I have a problem, I decided to start taking internet free days. 
Now, 90% of my job is internet based, so obviously it doesn’t include work!
Thursday and Sunday – I don’t open my laptop and I don’t check my phone (other than for texts or calls) and I give Greg my complete attention!
This will give us more time to tie each others heads together..

Do you have an internet free day in your house? How do you manage your time with your loved ones?