Life Update!


What a crazy couple of months.. So much has changed and time seems to have disappeared but that is okay. Finding any kind of balance has been tough, but I am getting there I think..!

Luke started Nursery
He does two days per week and absolutely loves it. To start with, he hated it. It literally broke mine and Greg’s heart to leave him there. He would just scream when we left. We started making sure we said a proper goodbye to him and explained to him that we would be back. I don’t know if it was coincidence, but he started to be fine after that. Everyone that works there is lovely and I feel really good about him being there. I love that he can play all day and learn so much.

This was his first proper day – look at that sad face! I am so glad he is happier now.

He is still the fussiest eater I have ever met. I try everything! Hidden vegetable muffins and anything bread based is all I can get him to eat. I still try with veg but it is useless. He does love fruit though!

He hates brushing his teeth – he never used to! But he absolutely hates it. It normally ends in me pinning him down and him crying through it.. Yesterday, I showed him the toothpaste tube and since then, he has wanted to brush his own teeth and even let me do it with no tears! It’s a start – let’s hope it sticks.

New Jobs
I now work down the road from my house. I’m still in HR, I work with great people and I love it. The only downside is that now I am full time, I don’t get to hang out with Luke as much. I am trying so hard to make weekends and evenings count! But this is a challenge..

Greg found a new job a few days after he got made redundant. He is working in events and really enjoying himself.

I still love Halloween! It was so much fun this year. I don’t feel like we did enough but that is mainly because I was working more this year.. Boo!

We did have around 200 trick or treaters, so we are definitely doing something right!


Life is good. I still need to find ways to be a better working mum. My family are amazing and I am still incredibly lucky.