MAM Baby Diary

Baby apps. Finding one that you get on with is really important. When I was pregnant, there were so many! But none that really did anything for me. When Luke was born, a lot of those apps became redundant and I went on the search for one that would meet my needs. Then I found the MAM Baby Diary! This app has managed to help me every step of the way with Luke. Whether it is advice or the diary function, this app is a must have.

There is a section of the app for advice through pregnancy, and each stage of your baby’s development. I downloaded this app towards the end of my pregnancy, and I fell in love straight away!

The MAM Baby Diary is fantastic. The diary function of the app allows you to log any milestones. Such as walking, crawling, etc. This was incredibly handy as my memory is not what it used to be (baby brain, anyone?!)! I don’t know about you, but I have people ask “how old was Luke when he did (insert milestone here)?” and I pause.. then I refer to my MAM Baby Diary. Phew.

When Luke was younger, I used it to track his feeds. As I was combination feeding, I used it to track both breast and bottle, and it worked so well. With the breast feeding tracker, you can track which breast and for how long. I would normally add in the comments if I thought it was just a comfort feed, rather than a proper feed.


You can track nappy changes, too. I generally have only use this when Luke has been unwell, and it has given me great peace of mind! Recently (and over his birthday, poor thing!) Luke had a tummy bug. He was having lots of nappies, but not many wet ones at all. This gave us a chance to monitor him.

There have been two occasions where I have forgotten Luke’s red book when we have gone to get him weighed. This app might as well be his red book, to be honest! You can log all measurements on the app. I have a lot of mum friends with babies the same age, and it is really handy to have the measurements to hand when we are comparing our little ones.

You can track anything, just see above! The own recording is super – I have been tracking his vaccines there.

You can even add more than one child!

I personally have tried many other apps with similar features, but none like this one. This app is by far my favourite and I would recommend it to any pregnant person, or those with a little one. Try it out!

Download the app here.

MAM asked me to review this app, but I did however already have this app and use it. All opinions are my own.