MAM Oral Care Week! *

This week is MAM Oral Care Week! YAY! MAM have some fantastic products to help look after your little one’s mouth.

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For your chance to win a teether of choice, keep reading!

Oral care is so important for your little one. I always thought that it was simple when you had a baby. They don’t have any teeth, so why do I need to worry about their oral care?? Ohh Rowan, how wrong can you be?

When Luke’s first tooth came through, I was so excited. I had the toothbrush at the ready! Luke had other plans. He would not let me brush his tooth. In fact, if the toothbrush went near him, he would gag and clamp his jaw shut. Even when he started to accept the toothbrush (just holding it though..) he would scream if it went near his mouth. Oh man.

His first tooth came through on the 1st August, followed by the second on the 12th August. Two adorable bottom teeth to take care of – but no way of him allowing me! So I tried to make it fun. I let him basically just have one toothbrush at all times, and showed him throughout the day, every day, how to brush his teeth. Eventually, it worked! Now, if I hand him his brush, he brushes his teeth (and then I step in and make sure they are sparkling!).

Growing up, my baby teeth were a real problem. I had an addiction to fruit juice in a bottle and would not let my parents brush my teeth. The result? Painful tooth extractions and adult teeth growing where they shouldn’t. This really motivated me to make sure that Luke would never have this problem. But where to start..

MAM have some incredible products to ensure your baby has the best oral care from day one. I honestly could not recommend them more.

The MAM Oral Care Rabbit

This product can be used from BIRTH! Yes, birth! It is so important to keep gums clean.

This is a product I am so glad I had before Luke’s teeth came through. I was a bit late to the party though, and got it when he was about 4-5 months old. It helped him get used to having his gums brushed. And when he refused the toothbrush at first, this helped keep his brand new little tooth clean!

You simply put the ears over your fingers and gently rub over the baby gums!

I do let Luke just hold and chew this too. He loves it.

MAM Bite and Relax (Phase 2)
Hands up if your baby started teething ridiculously early, but no teeth appeared for a while?!

Luke started teething at about 7-8 weeks. It was hell! He would chew everything, mainly blankets, and cry all the time. He was too young for pain relief and only just old enough for a tiny dose of teething powder which didn’t work for long.

I bought a couple of teethers to relieve him, but the issue I had was sterilising them. I threw them in the steriliser and then… Well and then what?! How was I supposed to take them with me and keep them clean? I actually resorted to putting them in a sterilised bottle, which meant more to carry.

These teethers come with a sterilisble case – YES! YOU READ THAT RIGHT!! Just like the MAM Soothers, you can sterilise this teether in the microwave in the case, and take it with you. The case keeps them sterile for 48 hours.

Luke chews on every part of this teether. I attach it to one of our soother clips and he favours it over his soother!

MAM also sell the Bite and Relax Phase 1 from 2+ months – it also comes in a sterilisable case and you can find it here.

MAM Friends
Meet Bob and Lucy. They are Luke’s MAM Friends.

They are made of 100% natural rubber, making them 100% baby safe.

These guys are brilliant. Luke actually talks to them – not too sure what he is saying, but he looks right at their little eyes and talks! After he has had a nice long chat with them, he tries to eat them. Just as well they are perfect for this!

Both can be secured onto a dummy clip so Luke can take them everywhere with him (and I don’t have to worry about them getting lost!). Luke points and pokes the little bumps and patterns and found them incredibly easy to pick up from very early on. They are extremely squidgy with no squeek – that means I don’t have to worry about stepping on one when Luke is in bed – result!

These can’t be sterilised, but I personally just give them a quick once over with the bottle brush and some antibacterial washing up liquid and dry them thoroughly.

Lucy is suitable from 2+ months and can be found here.
Max is suitable from 4+ months and can be found here.
Ellie is suitable from 4+ months and can be found here.
Bob is suitable from 5+ months and can be found here.

MAM Massaging Brush
The MAM Massaging Brush is a life saver. When Luke’s gums are causing him pain, the last thing he wants me to do is brush his teeth. The MAM Massaging Brush not only cleans his existing teeth and gums, it brings a great deal of comfort to those sore gums!

One thing I adore about the MAM Massaging Brush is that it is long – long enough for Luke to hold, and still room for me to help!

MAM Learn to Brush Set
This brush set does exactly what it says on the tin. It helped Luke learn to brush his own teeth, and hugely helped my piece of mind at the same time!

Like the other one, the MAM Learn to Brush Set comes with a long brush. Luke can hold this and I can help him! The smaller brush is perfect for little hands.

The reason this brush saved my piece of mind is that little round plastic piece that comes with the brushes. This clips around the neck of the brush to stop Luke from shoving the whole brush down his throat! It is such a fab idea and it really works. Luke cannot take it off which is even better! He uses it as a handle, too.

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