MAM Soothers! *

A few posts ago, you would have seen that one of my essentials for every baby are MAM bottles – we love them! Since that post, MAM have got in touch and sent me some soothers for Luke to review, and asked us to hold a giveaway! Here is the verdict, and giveaway details below..

MAM Crystal Soothers

The characters on these are totally adorable – a Rhino and a Lion! Luke loves animals and I have always bought vibrant soothers with animals or characters on them.

The MAM Crystal Soothers are my favourites because they are so bright and cheerful. Every single pattern I have seen has been fun and I love the shiny finish!

Luke has a habit of scraping his two (and only) bottom teeth along the patterns of these soothers – and the patterns have not shifted! I am more than impressed. I expected the finish to at least wear, but it hasn’t!

You can check out more in the range here.

MAM Nature Soothers

As Luke was born on Christmas Day, I adore the winter patterns on these. I LOVE them! Luke is currently obsessed with dogs – not overly sure why as we don’t have one! But he has pointed to the fox on the blue soother and waved a few times, just like he does with dogs. It is incredibly sweet!

I have grown a strange attachment to these soothers. Part of me only wants to take these ones with us when we leave the house, but the other part of me doesn’t want to risk loosing them!

Again – the finish on these is fab and hasn’t worn at all, despite Luke trying to eat them.

You can check out more in the range here.

Why we love these soothers..!

The shape of these soothers are the best. Other brands have a different shape to them and from very early on, Luke just didn’t get them. The MAM Soothers, he just took to immediately.

This is probably because the teats are incredibly soft and the soothers fit so perfectly in his mouth. With other soothers, he seems to really struggle to keep a hold of it in his mouth – he even pulls them out and looks at them with a really puzzled look on his face.

Luke has never been that good at putting his soother back in his own mouth until these – I think it is because the back is perfect size for Luke to hold. He always holds one in his hand.

We always keep a stash around the house, the car, the changing bag.. The fact that they come in a box that you can throw in the microwave and sterilise them in, seals the deal for me!

The Giveaway is now closed!

MAM have kindly offered a fantastic prize of a choice of soother from their website! The range can be found here.

Giveaway closes on 28th September 2017 (winner selected and announced on the 29th).

All you have to do is enter below!


Good luck!

The fine print: MAM have sent me this product for the purpose of review. All views are my own.
The giveaway is for UK residents only and will be drawn at random on the 29th September 2017