Monthly Tea Favourites!

This months favourites…
My gorgeous cousins got me this awesome tea for Christmas – it is everything I love about lemon tea! Confessions.. I love lemsip – so when I can drink it and not be ill at the same time, I am happy! Thank you darlings <3 p="">

Next up is this gorgeous green tea my mum brought me back from the states. Oh wow it is so great – I don’t want to drink it all because I don’t want to run out! But I am enjoying it too much to hold back. Yum!
Seriously – if any of my UK followers know where I can try more of this tea, let me know! Or if any of my USA followers want to do a trade, let me know!
Last up for this month, Tesco’s Vanilla Chai – always been my favourite, but seriously, yum! It is so good. I love this with a dash of milk, and lots and lots of biscuits. This is my everyday tea.