Monthly Tea Favourites!

So, we all know I love tea. So I thought that every month, I will let you know my favourites and maybe my not-so-favourites!

This month, I subscribed to Tea Roulette. Each month, you receive 30 random teas to try – this has definitely helped me discover some awesome newbies!

This months favourites are:

Jolly Brew’s Blooming Cherry Bliss!

This is my current favourite, however, I have become a little bit of a Jolly Brew addict!! I have bought a lot of different teas from them, and I am yet to be disappointed! Thanks, Jolly Brew 🙂

You can find them here

Pinched from Whittard’s website
Pinched from Whittard’s website

Next up is a Whittard’s favourite of mine and my mums.

Their rose tea is to die for! It is so lovely by itself or with a drop of milk.

 You can find them here

Pinched from TeaPigs website

Jasmine tea is divine. I love the fact that it acts as an air freshener at my desk at work! My favourite Jasmine tea at the moment is TeaPigs. I love TeaPigs! I especially love that the bag doesn’t leave a taste. So delicate, so lush!

You can find them here

Last but not least, Twinings are a favourite in every country. I drink at least four cups of their regular green tea every day. I am hooked!

Rather than put a link, you can find this in every shop that sells tea!

What are your favourites? I am always on the look out for new teas to try!

See you next month for my monthly favourites!

** All opinions in this post are my own, I was not paid for any of these reviews**