“My Mug and I” with Heather!

This week, we have the lovely Heather from Frost on the Vine. She likes having breakfast for dinner – so what is not to love about her?! My favourite post is her “Caring for Succulents” because I am desperate for my succulents to not die..! Be sure to check her out!

Here we go!

Hey! Who are you and where do you come from?
My name is Heather Serra. I’m a leasing manager for a townhome community & I blog over at FrostontheVine.com. I currently live in Upstate New York, USA.

How long have you had your favourite mug?
I’ve had my favorite mug for a little over 2 years now.

Where did it come from?
My beautiful, sweet, 9-year-old niece picked it out & gave it to me for my birthday. She obviously has very sophisticated taste in mugs. 😉

Why this one?
Well, besides the fact that my awesome niece gave it to me, it has a little built-in pocket for my ever chilly fingers. I am cold all the time! I’m constantly shaking hands at work and so I try to warm up with this mug before meeting with a potential tenant.

Does it really make your drink taste better?
Yes! Anything I have in other mugs is just…eh, ok. lol

What is your favourite thing to have in your mug?
Strong black coffee which is definitely an acquired taste. Guess I’m a grown up now…;-p

When do you have your first cuppa?
In the mornings. I like to get in a cup before I get to work so that I’m as cheery as my colleague, but my mornings don’t always pan out that way. I’m usually running out the door and pour a cup as soon as I get to the office.

How many hot drinks do you have per day?
Hmmm…good question. On a cold day, probably 6ish. On an average day, probably 2.

What is your favourite thing to do whilst with your mug?
Wake up! lol…thus the strong black coffee. During that process, I like to check out my social media…see what I’ve missed overnight.

Anything else?
Yes. Thanks for featuring me & my favorite mug. I love this segment!

A big thank you to Heather for taking part!

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