“My Mug and I” with Kristen!

This week, we have the lovely Kristen from Everyday Grace! Kristen is a lawyer living in Colorado, USA. My favourite feature on her blog is her Friday Favourites – they are so fun!! Be sure to check her out. She is currently on a hiatus, so this gives you some time to catch up on her posts before she gets writing again! 🙂

Here we go!

Hey! Who are you and where do you come from?
My name is Kristen and I live in Denver, Colorado!

How long have you had your favourite mug?
I got this mug 3 years ago while I was in law school! It’s been through a lot of long law school years with me!

Where did it come from?

Why this one?
I love the phrase on it. It says “fresh brewed inspiration for the day ahead” and it’s really big and holds almost two cups of coffee!

Does it really make your drink taste better?
I think so 🙂 it makes the day better for sure!

What is your favourite thing to have in your mug?
Black coffee with French vanilla coconut milk creamer. So delish

When do you have your first cuppa?
First thing in the am, about 7.15am!

How many hot drinks do you have per day?
Usually 2 cups of coffee, a third in the afternoon if it is a long day

What is your favourite thing to do whilst with your mug?
Read blogs and blog 🙂

A big thank you to Kristen for taking part!

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