My New Organiser!

When I started blogging, I had no idea how organised you actually need to be!
Although I use various applications on my computer to organise myself, I am a bit old fashioned and I love writing things down with a nice pen in a nice notebook, so I started my hunt for a blog dedicated notebook/organiser.
I searched for every thing I could possibly think of, before I thought I’d look into the handmade side of things.. Obviously, I was reluctant because it normally costs so much more to get something handmade, but I wanted something special so I thought, why not!
Well, my search was tough.. I posted in groups on Facebook, specifically for people that handcraft things to sell – no luck. I searched for days.. 
Then finally, someone commented a Facebook page name.. Jadamin Designs. The lady that posted the name wasn’t sure if they could help, but told me to have a look anyway.
The page itself was amazing. Full of beautiful handcrafted notebooks, jewellery and diaries.

I contacted Jacqui and straight away she got back to me and worked with me to make exactly what I wanted. She was just so brilliant!

Check out the final product!

FULL credit to Jadamin Designs for this picture!

Go and check her out! Currently, she is designing my wedding guest book and it is amazing! I cannot wait to see the final product.

Here, you can find her website.

Thank you, Jacqui!

Disclosure: all opinions stated in this post are my own. I only post reviews about products that I am passionate about and think you should all know about! Thank you for reading 🙂