Nine months old!

My tiny baby boy is NINE MONTHS OLD! When did this happen?!


He is so close to walking, he climbs the stairs, climbs everything he possibly can and despite the constant movement, he doesn’t like napping! Changing his nappy is a HUGE challenge as he wants to roll, backflip and do anything but stay still..


Never for a second, did I think that I would have such a strong willed baby, but I love it! I cannot turn my back for a millisecond.. (goodbye peeing in peace!)!

He absolutely loves toys and teddies – his sensitive side has definitely come out. He is obsessed with all animals – he waves at Rex (our pet tortoise) every time we walk passed him! He squeals with excitement. It is the cutest thing ever!

His legs just kill me. He stands on the wrong side of his toes and as cute as it is, it does make me worry!! Or maybe, he will just be the most fantastic ballet dancer, ever?!


He loves trolleys – he sees them as an adventure! I just haven’t quite learned how to stop him sucking the straps or bars.. Cringe..


Just look at his cheeky face.
I never understood how much you can love someone until I became a mother! I know, every mum says that, but seriously, it’s true! I love my husband more, I love my parents more, it is crazy!



Every time I put him to bed, I realise that in the morning, he will have grown that little bit more. One more step towards not needing his mum anymore! So as much as I love the grown up time I get when bed time comes, I also feel a tiny twinge of sadness, but also excitement – I cannot wait to see the amazing man he will grow into! But for now, slow down baby boy.