Nom Nom Kids!

Weaning. I did a whole post about it here. In that post, I talked about my favourite pouches. As a parent, I only want the best for my son. At that point, it was ensuring that he was getting the nutrients and the right food for his health. That is still hugely important to me, but what about the waste?

Did you know, there are BILLIONS of baby food pouches that have gone to landfill? As of yet, not a single one has started to break down. It can take 400 years or more!

There are options to recycle them, but less than 1 in 20,000 get recycled. Local councils don’t offer this which makes it incredibly difficult. There is EllaCycle which I regularly use. There is a EllaCycle collection at my local community centre. This has been a God send!

..But how can I help protect the planet? How can I give the best to Luke and show him how to be kinder to the environment?

I looked into reusable pouches, and I bought a LOT! I tried many different brands, and they all ended up at the local EllaCycle.. They didn’t clean well and they were more hassle than they were worth.

Last year, I entered an Instagram competition for some tickets to a baby show via Nom Nom Kids. I had liked the page previously with the intention of looking into reusable pouches more, but I had been put off, so I hadn’t got around to trying them. Well, I won!

I went to the baby show and met the lovely Suzanne and I bought some of the snack bags and she gave me a food pouch to try out. She was lovely! We kept in touch on Instagram and she sent me some more pouches to try out and use.

The pouches were sturdy and the designs were fab! They opened at the side so they were easy to clean. AND the most important bit – they go in the dishwasher, well! They are guaranteed for 40 uses, but there is no way these guys won’t last waaaay longer than that!

My biggest worry was the side opening – well, I even stood on a full pouch to try it. They are indestructible! On their Instagram page, they tried it with water, too. They don’t leak at all and they definitely pass the stress test!

The snack bags are brilliant. They are also sturdy and it took Luke no time at all to associate them with snack time! He still pinches the empty bags from the cupboard and hands them to me when he is hungry. Very sweet!

I love how these bags stand up when you fill them. Even the pouches! The wide opening means I can spoon anything in with no spillage. They freeze, too! I’ve been using them for everything, whether it is for me or Luke. The latest, I’ve used them to freeze water to use as a cool pack for lunch bags.

This is Luke showing his disappointment when he found an empty one. CUTE!

If you are about to start your weaning journey, or even if you’re not, you must try these out. I use them for mine and my husbands lunches, too! You’re never too old for a smoothie.

Check them out here and make sure you follow on Instagram for some fab tips, recipes and advice.

Disclosure: I was sent these pouches to try out. I had no
obligation to write a review, but I wanted to!