Old Candle Jars and Wax Melt Recyclable!

Ohhh you will be thankful for pinning this later!
Ever buy a candle in the most gorgeous jar and don’t want to throw it away after the candle has burned out? Now you don’t have to!
I keep them all. Literally – all! I use them for coffee, sugar, pasta, buttons, you name it!!
Now, what about when you finish a gorgeous smelling candle – it breaks your heart a little, right? Here is how to use ever last ounce of the wax to keep that gorgeous smell going a little longer.
Below was my favourite candle. I didn’t even like to leave it burning for too long as I love the smell so much. Then it ran out.
Here is how to keep the jar AND reuse the wax.
You will need:
Your old burned out candle
Silicone mould
Kettle and water
Kitchen roll
Put your empty jars on kitchen roll – now seriously guys, this is the important bit because you might get burned!
I would recommend that you do this in a bowl of some kind, that can take the heat. In the unlikely event of the glass cracking, you do not want to be covered in boiling water AND melted wax.
Stand your jars appropriately and pour boiling water in the jar, all the way to the top. Do this slowly and listen – if the glass makes any noise, stop and bin it.


After about 10 minutes, the wax will have all floated to the top. Grab your pipette.
Gently use the pipette to suck up the melted wax – be careful not to get any water in the pipette.


Pipette the wax into your silicone mould. Leave to dry. Now this doesn’t look too pretty – but the end result is, I promise 🙂


When they are dry, pop them out and they are ready to use as wax melts!
Cute huh?!
Leave the jars to cool overnight – when they are cooled and the wax is solid, pop it out.
The wax disc can also be used as a wax melt – it just isn’t as pretty!


Make sure the glass jar is cleaned and tadaaaa!


What would you use yours for?