Pancake Day!

Hey all 🙂
In the UK, we have Pancake Day, which is today! I cannot get enough of pancake day, even though every year I end up having a strop about not being able to make the pancakes right..
I did try to make pancakes for everyone at work but with the electric hob, I didn’t succeed and I did give up in the end. My lovely colleague stepped in and made them perfectly though! YUM!
Shrove Tuesday marks the first day of lent (if you are religious!). More info on what Shrove Tuesday can be found here!
SO! About a year ago, just before we got the house, my Mum and I went to Costco and found this amazing pancake pan! Today was my first chance to use it!
I very lightly dabbed coconut oil on each section, not too much as it is non-stick! Then I made the batter.
1 cup flour
1 cup milk (I used skimmed but any is good)
1 egg
THAT SIMPLE! If it looks too thick, add a tad more milk.
As they started to cook, I flipped them (this was intense.. I was convinced they wouldn’t come out of the pan.. But then…)
YAY! They are so much fun!


And the ones that didn’t look so great? Well they made a great pancake stack!
I put some in a squeezy bottle to try my hand at a Minion pancake….
That is definitely a success – right?!
My favourite topping is lemon and sugar…
What is yours?