What are you scared of? I mean really scared of? For me, it is spiders. I know, everyone is scared of spiders, but recently, I am terrified!
Since we bought our house, my fear has grown completely irrationally. At first, in our house, they were everywhere. Anywhere I went in the house, I would be welcomed by a big, horrible spider.
For the last two or three months, I hadn’t spotted a single one. It was been total heaven! Until…
My lovely parents dropped of a couple of boxes of my things from my old room and they brought us a visitor.. He was massive and really fast! When Greg shouted into the kitchen “where is the bug catcher?” my heart sank. I was brave enough to get a glass, but I couldn’t remember where the bug catcher was!
I think it is important to note that I point blank refuse to let anyone kill them. Just because I am scared of these things, doesn’t mean they should die! I am a little bit scared that if I have any part in their death, their families will be without a mum or dad and come to get me! (I said it was completely irrational!)
One time, I used the glass and paper method. I was so brave and I carried the spider outside and went to let him go in the garden. As I took the paper away, he got tangled in his web and landed on my hand. I totally panicked and threw the glass (smashing it all over my path…). After calming down, I went and got a dust pan and brush. Whilst sweeping the glass, I thought I saw the spider again on my hand and thew everything again… It was just a leaf… Since then, I try not to be brave!
To avoid the death of these terrifying creatures, I invested in this amazing gadget
I did eventually find the bug catcher (above) and caught the spider. He was moving so quickly, it was so difficult to not hurt his legs! Luckily, I didn’t. However, once I had him trapped, I had to let Greg take over as I was so scared of a repeat of the last incident!
My other phobias are all completely irrational and I haven’t managed to overcome any of those yet.. Maybe they are for another day and another blog..!