Pink Parcel

Time of the month… Yawn – not that again! It is one of those things that us ladies just have to put up with and I hate it! I hate that men are not taxed on razors because they are deemed essential, but sanitary products are taxed and deemed not essential! Grr.
When I heard of the Pink Parcel, I jumped at the chance to try it. The first parcel was only £5.95 so I figured that even if it wasn’t great, it was worth a try! I am a total sucker for online shopping.. And I love coming home from work to find packages for me!
So, I came home to this.. They do fit through the letterbox but the postie sometimes gets a bit worried  it won’t and leaves it in a safe place.

When you open it up, you are presented with your smaller boxes and a cute mini bag for your handbag. So, there is a box for bedtime protection, what you request (pads or tampons) and a goodie box!

You get one with every parcel which is so handy! I have one in almost every bag I own (just incase I change my bag and forget that I am due the dreaded!). So cute!

Inside my goodie box was these amazing treats!

Not sure why I didn’t turn everything up the right way! Obviously so excited!

First up is the Perfectil Skin, Hair and Nails supplement. This is a sample of 7 capsules. Although it is classified as a medical sample, it contains no drugs or hormones. I am keen to try this one!

These retail at 30 tablets for £9.15

Second, OPI nail lacquer. I LOVE nail varnish. OPI is one brand I do not own any of due to hearing that it takes a long time to dry. Since receiving this, I have tried it and it is amazing! Very impressed – it does take longer than normal, but it gave me an excuse to relax for longer!

This retails for £8.95 a bottle!

Third out is PapayaGold‘s PawPaw moisturising balm. This smells good enough to eat! SO delicious and the perfect size for a handbag. Personally, I had never heard of this brand before. Now I have done some more research on it, I am in love!

This retails for £5.99!

Fourth up is one of my personal favourites – Divine Chocolate! This chocolate is amazing – it tastes good, it is fair trade and just DIVINE! The packaging is so pretty. Depending on how much of a grump I am at this time of the month, I normally let Greg have my choccie as compensation!

Fifth out are these amazing Bubble T Bath Bombs! They come in a tube with 6 bombs inside. They smell amazing! I cannot believe how good these are. I love the brand – it is so attractive.

These retail at £6!

Sixth – from my research, these are something that haven’t yet been released! Bandzee are very attractive hair bands. They look like ribbons and feel so soft! The idea is that they won’t damage your hair – which I am excited to try as I have MASSIVE curly hair – anything I try to tame my hair with normally damages it.

Last but not least – my favourite! Teapigs!!!! I haven’t found a flavour they do that I don’t love.

They retail at £3.99 for a box of 15

Overall – this box is worth about a minimum of £35 – all for £9.99 (after your initial payment of £5.95, it goes up to £9.99 – so worth it)! Every single product I get, I use and love.

They also do a Teen Parcel for those girls that have just started their period – what a great idea huh?! At the age your body is changing super fast, mother nature also decides to spring a monthly bleed into the equation. It can be terrifying and confusing! I didn’t tell anyone for a while because I was so embarrassed. I don’t think as a young teen or even a pre-teen you can really grasp the fact that EVERY woman goes through it! 
The great thing about this is that it isn’t baby-ish – it is young woman-ish! I can honestly say that at 25, I would not complain about receiving it over the regular Pink Parcel.

To close – this video is hilarious and makes me laugh!

Disclosure: all opinions stated in this post are my own. I only post reviews about products that I am passionate about and think you should all know about! Thank you for reading 🙂