My sister in law is originally from Poland – so when we were invited to go to Poland back in September 2014 for her engagement party, we jumped at the chance. I am really glad that I did. I fell in love with the place.
We stayed in a small town, called Sobotka. It was lovely.
I’ll keep my writing short as I think the best way to show you an amazing place is through pictures πŸ™‚
This church was made completely out of wood





We made our own game with conkers!


Β In a nearby town called Wroclaw, we went shopping – these little elves were everywhere! So cool.


We got the opportunity to go to the Auschwitz concentration camp – there are no words..
For those that don’t know what Auschwitz is – please check it out here
















All the way around – I kept the people that lost their lives here in my thoughts. All 1,100,000 of them.
Overall, Poland was incredible. If you get the opportunity to go there, do!