Primark Haul!

After a lovely, relaxing break in the sun (blog post to follow!), Greg and I went for a mini adventure.
Greg had done some gardening and we needed to take the rubbish to the tip – after, we decided to get some food. We went to Reading – a town we don’t normally go to, even though it is only 20 minutes away from us. 

Got to give Greg credit for these pics! 

Firstly, we went to Mission Burrito – oh yum.

Then we decided to explore the town! Wow there are so many shops.. So much to look at!
Since the holiday, I haven’t had a chance to sort out my handbag, so the only thing I brought with me was my phone and one bank card. So annoying as I had a few vouchers to spend!

However, I did get a free cookie from +Millies Cookies Ltd ! Thanks O2 Priority Moments! Rasperry and white chocolate – warm too! YUM

We got me a bubble tea – I asked for my usual Taro, but I am sure they gave me chocolate.. It was interesting!!

Then we got Greg a frozen yoghurt – we became obsessed with it in Cyprus!
Then I persuaded Greg to let me pop into +Primark to get some shoes.. Well, we both got carried away! I thought I would share my haul with you! I’ve left Greg’s haul out for now – but he did buy a whole suit, two shirts and a tie for under £60!!

Here is my haul!

First up, we have the shoes that I originally went in to get! These cuties were only £6 each! I literally live in these shoes – they last forever. The last pair of these I bought was back in November and they are only just starting to be knackered – I wear them every day!

I love dolly shoes! I got these for a stunning £3 each!

This got me excited – when Greg and I were at Reading Festival and Glastonbury Festival – both times, I got soaked. The rain macs we brought with us were just rubbish. I saw this and fell in love! I looked at similar online and the cheapest I found was £20 – this was only £13! The most expensive thing in my haul – but the most practical!

Another festival purchase! It is always handy having some form of light up device outside of your tent so you can find it easier in the dark! At only 80p each, I had to grab one in each colour!

These socks are so handy – they don’t show when you wear your shoes so they are an essential! These came in a pack of 5 for just £2.50!

Hopefully as I am working off the jiggle, these will make more of an appearance! I loved the material of this top – and the first pattern is amazing, and I adore stripes! It made me feel like I had crossed my eyes! At only £4 each, I got two!

I live in t-shirts and I do have a few.. But I loved the pattern of this one! £3 – bargain!

You can never have too many pairs of leggings! I always wear these with a top that covers my bum so you can’t see my underwear. These were only £3!

This pattern is very similar to the strappy top I bought above – one thing I wear almost every day is a jumper! I love sleeves. This was £6 – I almost bought two!

The jeans – I LOVE jeans – I always wear jeans. These were only £7 and I just couldn’t resist them. I love the colour – it is almost a bleached blue.

Mega bargain buy right here – I love lounging trousers and these are them! They are so comfy and were reduced from £7 to £3! I love a sale

Last on my list was my favourite.. When it comes to nail varnish – I will try anything, but I am VERY fussy. I saw these at the till and loved all the colours – I was tempted to get one of each (there was a pink and a red too) but, I chose to go for the two blue colours instead. They were just 60p each – and they are a massive success. I couldn’t believe it. They were touch dry after about 40 seconds and completely indestructible after about a minute and a half!

We got so much for so little – I am hooked. I have always loved Primark and I am definitely still very much in love!

Disclosure: all opinions stated in this post are my own. I only post reviews about products that I am passionate about and think you should all know about! Thank you for reading 🙂