Six months old!

Hello friends!
I have been MIA – because I have been raising the cutest baby known to man. He is six months old already and I have loved every second. I have decided to dedicate a bit more time to the blog again – I have missed it and I have so much more to blog about now!

Firstly – a little about Luke 🙂
He rolls, he crawls, he stands, he eats!
And he is only 6 months old. How is this possible??!

I cannot believe my baby is so big. He now weighs over 18lbs – over double his birth weight!
His smile and laugh gets me every time.

His dad is just incredible – they gang up on me already! But I wouldn’t have it any other way (I’m sure I won’t be saying that soon!).

The only real negative I have come across so far on my parenting journey (that doesn’t include dirty nappies..)?

Luke has developed an intolerance to peas! Of all things, peas. Can you believe it? Apparently, it is more common than you’d think and he will hopefully grow out of it. We discovered it with the glorious projectile vomit he produced each time he has had them. The last time was an accident and confirmed that his tummy is not a fan of peas.. Yay..

A little update on life!
I am fully recovered from my cesarean – yay! And I have started to include a little exercise here and there to try and get some sort of body back (and then I’m sure as soon as I am almost happy, I’ll get pregnant again..)! I would be dieting but quite frankly, I love food too much! Now Luke is eating, I do try to not eat badly, especially in front of him. I don’t want him to pick up bad habits from his mum! Also, junk food can wait until he is in bed..
My house looks like a toy shop/bomb site. I would love nothing more than a day to tidy – but the second I get any time to myself (when Luke is napping or hanging out with his grandparents), I just sit and do nothing – and I love it! The tidying will happen at some point – for now, I am just dealing with it!

When I was pregnant, I got made redundant – that was not so fun..! We have made the decision that I will not be returning to work for a little while, so that means that I have some brilliant one on one time with my boy! It also means that I have be thrifty. I have some posts coming up about money saving and being thrifty. I have become quite the bargain hunter!

Having a baby has made me realise that I have the best friends and family ever. Some say that having a baby makes you realise who your real friends are. Well I really do have some amazing friends! If anything, having a baby has strengthened my friendships. There is nothing better than seeing the friends you love, love your baby.