Special Announcement…!

So for the last nine months, I have been keeping a secret from social media and the internet!
In April, I found out that, in my tummy, was the most amazing thing I could ever imagine – a baby!
Although this was planned, we were not expecting this to happen as quickly as it did – so finding out after a huge shopping spree was definitely worrying! But we were so happy.
The first time we saw our baby was 6th June and everything about this little person was perfect! Look at the thumb sucking! We had our due date confirmed as the 12th December.

The next time we saw our baby was 29th July for the anomaly scan. Still sucking the thumb!

We asked the sonographer to write down the gender so we could give it to a friend to make us an announcement cake for a gender reveal party! I said to my husband that he was more than welcome to peek in the envelope, but I had every intention of waiting until the party – little did I know that my husband was so bad at keeping the secret, I would find out in an hour! And I’m so glad I did – I would have burst!!!

The party was the next day and we had an amazing time and announced to all of our nearest and dearest that we were expecting…. a beautiful baby…. BOY!

Call it mothers intuition, but I knew from the second that test was positive that I was having a boy – and I was so happy to have it confirmed! A son!

The next time we saw him was at a private scan. I say a scan.. He wouldn’t cooperate, so we had four in total! And he got cuter and cuter each time (when he showed his face)!

When I was 34 weeks, we had to have another scan to check that everything was where it should be and that I didn’t need a scheduled c-section. It was confirmed that all was safe and we got to see that he was definitely a boy (definitely a show off!) and he was looking perfectly healthy and measuring right on track!

On the 13th November, my wonderful friends and family threw me a surprise baby shower. I was so surprised! It was amazing. Our baby was so spoiled. It was amazing to see how loved he is already!!

My due date came and went.. From 37 weeks pregnant, we were 100% ready for him to make his appearance, but he was in absolutely no rush at all!

On Christmas Eve, I started the induction process, and eventually I went into labour naturally! Our little man was born at 10.37am on Christmas Day via emergency c-section (I will post my birth story another time – it is fairly long!). He was absolutely perfect.

Luke James Britton – 8lbs6oz