Stay gold, Ponyboy..

Now that the sun is coming out – I am so keen to sit in the warm rays and read a real book. I have hundreds of books on my iPad, but there is nothing better than a real book with real pages in the sun.
When it comes to books, I have always had my favourites.. And my favourite books are still the favourites I had when I was 15 – and they are written by an amazing woman.

S. E. Hinton

This incredible woman wrote the first book that I couldn’t put down – I read it twice in a row. She penned this book as a teenager and deserves masses of respect.

When I was in year 10 (around 14-15 years old), I was handed a book that I was told I would have to write an assignment on. I took one look at the book and already dreaded it. I was way too cool to read! Who did my English teacher think she was?! That book was called “The Outsiders”.

My copy of  The Outsiders <3

I threw it in my bag and forgot about it. That night, I was laying in bed (it was already late, passed midnight, I suppose) when I remembered the book. I walked to the other side of my room to retrieve the book from my bag – I only wanted to read the back..

The first line.. I was hooked.. I’ll never forget it!

“When I stepped out into the bright sunlight…”

I read the whole thing. I have no idea how long it took me to read – but all I do know is that I didn’t get much sleep that night! I took the book everywhere with me – I read it at school, I read it when I got home, I read it when I went out to have a sneaky cigarette (remember, I said I was a cool kid?!). I LOVE this book!

When I finished the book, I would start it again. Even though that was 10 years ago – I still feel the same. I love it!

The stars of the book (who I feel I know better than anyone!) have the most amazing names.. Ponyboy, Sodapop – LOVE it!

Now, I am deliberately being vague about the book. I want you all to go and read it now because my description would not do it justice. Let’s just say that after this book, I searched everywhere for a dreamy Greaser and I hated the Soc’s!!

There is a film too – with one of the most dreamy casts known to man! But make sure you read the book first.

There isn’t a single book that S.E Hinton has written that I haven’t fallen in love with – I could happily never read anything else 🙂

So thank you – you are incredible.

What is your favourite book? And why?