T Plus Drinks*

Winter normally comes hand in hand with numerous coughs and colds. My mum always takes her body weight in vitamin C and swears by it. Me on the other hand, I am not great at taking vitamins.. After my third cold in as many months, I was getting a little fed up! By some brilliant coincidence, the wonderful people at T Plus Drinks got in touch, I was too excited!! I had heard of them and I was desperate to get my hands on some of their tea, so this was one review I was so excited to do!

For those unfamiliar with T Plus Drinks, they blend powerful herbs, green tea, natural fruit flavours and 50% of your RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins (including B6, B12, C and Folic Acid) in every clever tea bag.  Their branding and packaging is punchy and appealing, too!

That means, I can drink tea and get my vitamins, all in one go! AMAZING! Now you are probably thinking – how can someone make a tea like that and make it taste good? Well, these guys have figured it out. This tea is insanely good!

First up, I tried the Immunitea. This I found was best brewed for about a minute. The smell this one gives off is brilliant and the taste is powerful. I would say that my vitamin intake is lacking at the moment – but this really helps. I actually found myself feeling more alert and energised after drinking this tea every morning for a week.

Next up, was the Multea. I am already addicted to a peach green tea, but this one tops it. The taste is incredible! This is my after lunch go to drink. The taste is delicate but full of flavour. I really enjoyed this most after it was brewed for about 30-45 seconds.

T Plus Drinks have recently featured on Dragons Den and those that have seen the show before, it is not for the faint hearted! I’m incredibly proud to work with and support a brand that is run by someone who holds themselves so well – even under insane pressure! Exciting times ahead, guys!

Overall, this is a tea that you have got to try. I would definitely continue to buy and drink this tea, not only because I love tea, but because I love the brand. Each sale they make on their tea, they give 10p to Vitamin Angels who are working to reduce malnutrition in children. This is a charity we can all back with a smile.

T Plus Drinks sent me this tea to sample. All views are my own