The 5 Best Family Travel Destinations

Travelling with family can be some of the most fun holidays you’ll ever experience. If you think back to when you were little, the hot sandy beaches, maybe bunking in with cousins or staying in UK resorts. Either way family holidays are fantastic, but it helps if you have a family-friendly destination to head to. Below are the top 5 family and child-friendly places to visit – and they’re not all local!

Photo by Michael Martinelli on Unsplash

  1. It would be a crime to miss out the UK. We have piers with donkey rides, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, boat trips, ice-cream, rock pools and fish and chips. Not to mention our fabulous entertainment packs resorts. If you aren’t looking for some coastal relaxation, our big cities like London, Manchester or Birmingham have a lot for families to do, from zoos and safari parks to Museums and top class shopping – there is something for everyone. Of course, the gorgeous Hampshire would make the list too!
  2. Italy, you can head to almost any village or city and be welcomed by incredibly friendly locals. If you like to enjoy the best of both worlds, stay someone pretty central like Florence. Surrounded by gorgeous mountaintop villas, you can opt to enjoy high views away from the city life at night and travel down into the towns and cities during the day. Lucca is a short drive away, and you can spend a day slowly strolling along the cobblestone streets. Some of the best food you will ever eat is housed sporadically around. Try the Testaroli if you get the chance. 
  3. Sweden, although it might be considered a little on the expensive side, it is one of the cleanest and friendliest places around. The staff in restaurants and shops are quick to help with translations or if you get a bit lost. If you are a lover of amusement parks, head to Gothenburg and check out Liseberg Amusement Park, the most significant amusement park in Scandinavia. Interested in Medieval times? There is a whole week dedicated to Medieval Life in August – crafts, jousting, tours, lectures and more!
  4. Japan – one of the most exciting countries in the world, home to one of the liveliest cities – Tokyo. This is one if for lovers of anime, great food, fantastic cultures and friendly people. The Ghibli Museum is a highlight, followed by Tokyo Disneyland! Fresh seafood, unrivalled clean hotel rooms, you’ll be utterly submerged in the culture. 
  5. Canada – the most hospitable country in the world. It would be a crime to miss it out. With family-friendly action all year rounds, zip lining, beautiful spa retreats, stunning national parks, and tasty cuisine like poutine, this might be a once in a lifetime experience. To make it even better stay somewhere like Delta Hotels Whistler Village Suites and get a home from home experience – but with the added perk of open fires, a Steakhouse beyond measure and of course being surrounded by mountains. I have some dear old friends living in Canada, I’d love to meet them out there, soon!
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