Valentines Traditions

For us, Valentines day isn’t really something we worry too much about. We have had the same valentines tradition since forever, and we love it!
Greg did however get me flowers delivered to my work – how cute!

And I did get him these adorable robot choccies from The Whimsical Cake Company
So, firstly, we get up – whenever – today it was 10am-ish! Then we have breakfast. I made us sausages, poached eggs, baked beans and bacon. I am the slowest cook ever, so it took an hour! Hah!
After dossing on the sofa for a few hours, we then go to Costco. We select one of their massive pizzas (pepperoni!) and a case of beer (I like Cubanisto rum beer and Gregs likes Budweiser) and any other naughty snacks along the way. Then we eat and drink for the rest of the day in the comfort of our own home.. No restaurants, no having to wrestle to get into town to have a good time. Home 🙂

Yum yum yum! Greasy goodness. Back to the diet tomorrow….!

I love my Greg 🙂

Greg’s parents also put us together a bag of goodies! We got champers, sweeties, and some cute heart champagne flutes! And a card with a surprise towards our honeymoon – thank you! 🙂
What are your traditions?