We Are Tea*

 A brand of tea I have been trying out recently is We Are Tea. I got chatting to them on Instagram, and they sent me a gorgeous package. HOW cute is the box?!

Tea and the environment. Two incredibly important things.. We Are Tea are a brilliant brand that are working incredibly hard to be completely plastic free this year. AMAZING. When I heard that no plastic that has been made ever has yet begun to decompose, that upset me and concerned me a lot. So any brand that backs being pastic-less has my vote!

So, first up,  I tried the “alert, get going” with ginko and ginseng. This tea was insanely good. It was a little spicy and smelled divine. As well as the first, it was also my all time favourite throughout. I definitely felt my energy levels increase and I had a productive day!

Next up was the moroccan mint green tea. I LOVE green tea, and I LOVE mint tea, so together, they are perfect. This tea was best brewed for about a minute and a half. The mint really stood out, just how I like it!

I was keen to try the super berry because I love berry tea, but a lot of berry tea doesn’t taste of anything. This tea had the most brilliant taste to it, and it smelled incredible. I left the bag in for this one. It was brilliant.
This english breakfast tasted brilliant. I brewed it for 2-3 minutes, took the bag out and added a drop of milk. It was full of flavour and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the picture taking was an epic fail.. I forgot that a mug with hot tea in it would melt the snow around it, so when I put it down on the snow, it sank! I ended up losing half of the tea in the cup – you’ve got to laugh..!
In conclusion, you have got to try them. They are a wonderful and friendly brand, that produce incredibly flavoursome tea!  The fact that their bags are made from cornstarch and sealed with ultrasound (making them biodegradable!) makes them taste that much better. I also LOVE their website. You can do a tea consultation here to pick your favourite.
Thanks, We Are Tea!
We Are Tea sent me these tea bags to review. All views are my own