Hello everyone, my name is Rowan. Nice to “meet” you. I have always wanted to start my own blog, so now I am!

So, a little about me!

I was born in Winchester at the very beginning of the 90’s – making me 21 a few times over.. I am currently living in a town called Tadley (Hampshire, UK) with my fiancee, Greg. Together, we purchased our first home in April 2014. It felt like it took forever, but we got there in the end and it was totally worth it! There is still work to do to the house, but we are getting there.

Greg and I have been together since my 21st birthday and we are planning to get married in September this year! He is great 🙂 Currently, we are both embarking on an attempt to get fit and healthy in time for our wedding. I am sure this will feature frequently on the blog!

I am totally craft and DIY obsessed, so Pinterest is definitely my best friend. On my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, I share cool pins that I find along the way. I do also run a small selling page that has the crafts I have attempted for sale!

Hopefully soon, I will make my own pins along side the blogging – but between working full time and getting fit and healthy, I am left with very little time to do anything but sleep!

Currently, I am working in recruitment – specifically digital marketing and eCommerce. This has helped spark my interest in social media.

For now, I cannot think of anything else very interesting to say, so I will say good bye!

Watch this space 🙂