Why I Did Not Vote

Recently in the United Kingdom, we had an election. This was to decide our Prime Minister. We got to vote locally for who we want to run our local area and in tern, that decides on who will run our country.
Without going into all the ins and outs of it, I will cut right to the chase.
Greg and I decided to not participate in this vote. 
We had many reasons – NONE of which have been respected. There have been a few people that have been supportive and agree with our reasoning – but the vast majority of people that have heard have been vile towards us.
Why? I can tell you why, and I will. But first – something that I feel more important.
As a woman, I have the right to vote. A right that was fought for me by brave women who stopped at nothing to be heard. These women fought, were arrested, protested and died to get their point across – I appreciate this. I am grateful for my right to vote.
But it is just that. My right. It is equally my right to not vote.
Personally, I feel that a blind vote is worse than not voting – so I didn’t bother. Each party had a manifesto of 80 or more pages – I didn’t read one. I could have – but they would have all said the same. They are filled with promises that may or may not be kept, they all have my country at heart and they all want the best for that country. For me, that is enough. I thought, whoever was voted into power will hopefully do things that I agree with and I am sure they will do things that I do not agree with – but as long as they are looking after my country, I don’t care!
I don’t like the thought of anyone voting because they like the colour of the party or they are agreeing with their friends or family, but they do.
My reasons for not voting may be minor, but the main reason I did not vote is because I simply do not want to.
I have been told that I am vile, unappreciative, supporting unequal pay for women (which by the way, equal pay has been the law in this country since 1970), insulting the women that fought for my right, ungrateful, uneducated and lots more.
I really don’t appreciate it – I won’t want to vote and I probably never will. End of.