Your Child’s Dream Room

This is probably going to vary from child to child, but there definitely are some features that I think you should be putting in if you want to have coolest parent in the world status. A child’s bedroom is often the last thing to be redecorated, because you know it’s likely to be messed up within a year or so again anyway. So, when it does come round to redecorating, it’s probably because they’re growing up and don’t want a Disney princess wallpaper any more. But, if you’re redecorating their room just because you think it really needs doing, then I know what you can put in to make it the best bedroom in the world. It has to be a mixture of perfection for the both of you as well, which we really think we’ve mastered in this article.

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Space Is Essential

This is one that I think is really essential for the both of you, I’ll start with why it is for you first. A child’s bedroom is arguably the most messiest room in the house. Toys everywhere, clothes everywhere, and things you don’t even know where they’ve come from (seriously, what is with that?!)! So, the first thing you really need to think about having is space, and the best way to do that is to organise the room is such a way that everything just fits together. You don’t want big chunky chest of drawers taking up some space, when you can easily fit a few boxes in the wardrobe. You also don’t want the toys overflowing from every corner of the room, so why not try and get a bed that has some storage under it. Luke’s whole room is full of hidden storage which is really handy. Everything has a place. You can hide so many things away, but yet they’re easily accessible when you need them. I promise there are plenty of ways that you can make great use of space in the bedroom!

Cool Features

You definitely want some cool features in a kids bedroom, it’ll be what makes it so easy to get them in it at the end of the night! The cabin bed collection from Cuckooland is just one example of a really cool bed that I think your kids would love, and wouldn’t mind jumping in to. For when Luke is a bit bigger, this is definitely on my list. Usually bed time is a nightmare, but with something like this, it might get a little easier. Especially if you go for some themed bedding as well, it’ll feel like they’re sleeping with their favourite fictional character.

Technology Is The Best

Finally, I want to finish with why technology should definitely be a feature in your kids bedroom. For one, you could get nightlight technology that will help send them soundly off to sleep at the end of a stressful day. The nightlight can send out all different funky colours, and it can even play soothing sounds to help send them off to sleep when nothing else seems to be able to. Luke has two – one that changes colour and one that plays nursery rhymes. They save our lives and mainly, our sleep. You could also have a little TV in the bedroom, just to make them feel more relaxed. Some kids love a little bedtime TV, and it can help them stay in bed!


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