Everything You Need To Do Before Your Baby Is Born

The third trimester can be challenging. After all, your body is getting ready to deliver your little one, and your hormones are ramping up. There are many expectations as well, from what the birth will be like, to the kind of parents you will be. The good news is that you can focus on the tasks below during this time, which will help you mentally and physically prepare for Baby’s arrival. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Take some classes

Greg and I took two together and we met some amazing friends. Many parents take prenatal classes here in the UK, but it’s worth noting that these are not the only ones on offer. In fact, through organisations such as the NCT, you can get access to all sorts of services and classes, including baby CPR, early days, and first aid. 

Learn about feeding your baby

Whether you choose to breast or bottle-feed your baby is entirely up to you. However, whichever option you go for, it’s a smart idea to know what it entails. For many parents, this means watching educational videos and reading articles and blog posts on their feeding method. There are even organisations that can offer support and guidance that you may wish to contact. 

Buy your baby essentials

Even minimalist parents need a stock of the right supplies and equipment before their baby is born – and buying doesn’t mean everything needs to be brand new. Usually, this includes somewhere for the little one to sleep such as a cot or bassinet. A pram or buggy is often essential as well. Look into what you will need and prepare.

Cloth nappies are an essential to buy and prepare before baby arrives!

Of course, such things do not come for free, and buying them all around the same time can be an expensive business. One way to reduce the expense involved is to welcome gifts of new or preloved items from friends and family. 

If you are in a position to do so, you may also want to consider taking out a loan to cover this cost. The good news is that with companies like Buddy Loans, you can get approval and payout on the same day. Loans are not for everyone – but they can work for some.

Understand your pain relief options 

Every labour is unique to the person experiencing it. However, it can significantly reduce the stress of the experience by having a plan in place for support and pain relief. 

Indeed, some women choose to hire doulas to help them with the delivery process for this reason.

Create a birth plan

In addition to making a plan for dealing with the pain of labour, it’s a good idea to have an overall plan for how you would like the delivery to go. Of course, it is worth noting that baby’s do tend to arrive in their own time, and not every part of the labour process will be predictable. However, outlining your preferences including the position you would like to deliver in, who will be with you, and who will cut the cord can help things to go more smoothly when the time arrives. 

My birth plan was “wing it” and I don’t regret it one bit. But a plan does help some people.

Do some laundry! 

Yes, once Baby is born there will be plenty of laundry to do, especially if you choose the cloth nappy route. However, it’s also a smart idea to get some laundry done before delivery as well. 

 This is because your Baby’s skin will be super sensitive, and therefore you will want to prevent any irritants or chemicals from coming into contact with them. Of course, the best way to do this is to wash their clothes, blankets, and bedding in a gentle newborn safe detergent before using them. 

Recruit some help 

No, I don’t necessarily mean a nanny (although I would have loved one!). One of the most wonderful things about having a baby is that family and friends are often only too happy to help with household tasks. Unfortunately, as a brand new mum, you will have a lot on your plate and the thought of directing everyone to the most required tasks may be too much. 

With that in mind, why not come up with a schedule beforehand. You can ever talk it over with each person before the birth, and then both you and they will know exactly what you expect. 

Make up your hospital bag 

Even if you are one of those people that likes to throw a few things in a case and jet off on holiday, it’s a good idea to get your hospital bag packed ahead of time.  

Indeed, the packing of this bag is not just a partial necessity, but also an important step in mentally preparing for what is to come. Remember to include your phone and charger, and the outfit you will bring the baby home from the hospital in. 

Make food for after your baby’s born

Giving birth is hungry work, and in the days after labour you will want healthy, filling, nourishing meals that will help your body repair. However, cooking meals from scratch is the last thing you will want to do when you have a newborn to take care of. 

Happily, there is a solution and it’s preparing and freezing meals before the birth. You don’t even need to have separate cooking sessions if you don’t want to, because you can just cook up double each night for dinner for around 2 weeks. Then freeze the extra and you will have a whole fortnight where you don’t need to worry about what to eat! 

Fit Baby’s car seat

Finally, to bring the baby home for the hospital or take them out of their first trip, you will need a newborn car seat that has been properly fitted. Again, to lessen the stress after Baby is born, it’s a smart idea to do this task ahead of time. 

 Of course, it’s vitally unimportant that you get the seat fitted correctly because it is something that can make all the difference to your baby’s safety. Happily, most models come with detailed instructions. You can also find tutorial videos on youtube that will ensure your baby seat is correctly installed before the little one arrives.